Wednesday 8 February 2023
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EducationHistoryUP minister Baldev Singh Aulakh assails Azam over Taj remarks

UP minister Baldev Singh Aulakh assails Azam over Taj remarks

Rampur: Lashing out at Azam Kan for his remark on Taj Mahal,uttar Pradesh Minority Welfare Minister Baldev Singh Aulakh today accused him of making such statements to create tension between two communities. Azam Khan has said, Taj Mahalwill be destroyed like which was demolished with dynamite.

 “On what basis Khan has very confidently stated that the Taj Mahal will be blown up when Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has emphatically termed the Taj a national monument, our pride and heritage,” the Bilaspur MLA Aulakh asked.

Mr Azam Khan had said,”The kind of atmosphere which was there before the was demolished  was created long before the actual event took place. There was a and a supreme court stay and the then chief minister had submitted an affidavit to the court. Despite all this, was demolished with dynamite,”.

Former minister Khan added, “It is almost definite that the Taj Mahal will be destroyed because whatever (historian) PN Oak wrote in his book, all of that is being implemented by the fascist forces of India and the RSS.”

” If the could be destroyed because people believe there stood a temple instead, then no place of worship in India is safe”, Khan had said.

The verbal exchange between Aulakh and Khan had begun in May when the leader had expressed his resolve to hold a Janta Darbar in a guest house on the premises of the Jauhar University, which is owned by the SP leader.

Khan had responded by threatening to blow up the guest house if anyone tried to lay a hand on it.

Aulakh said, Khan should present evidence if a conspiracy was being hatched to destroy the Taj.He said, the former minister was making such remarks to create tensions between two communities to regain lost power.

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