Sunday 24 January 2021
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Mexico deports 311 Indians trying to infiltrate into US

One of those deported from Mexico narrated how dead bodies of others who had tried to sneak into the US were strewn around in a Panama forest

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Politics India Mexico deports 311 Indians trying to infiltrate into US

The dreams of more than 300 Indians were shattered when they were deported back to India on Friday for attempting to illegally sneak into the US via Mexico. The Mexican Immigration Authority has deported more than 300 people, including a woman, to India. People across the world are reported every year as chased by an American dream but lacking the credentials that could make them enter the US legitimately.

As many as 311 Indians were sent back to India escorted by 74 Mexican officers on chartered flights. Many of them had spent lakhs of rupees bribing some Mexican authorities to let them walk through a forest to infiltrate the US.

Jaspreet Singh, who was deported to India, said that the group had arrived at the airport at about 5 AM today. After that, it took several hours for the paperwork. “We came out of the airport at around PM,” he said.

Singh informed journalists at the airport that most of these dubious travellers hailed from Punjab and Haryana.

At the IGI airport, some of the Indians who were deported

The National Immigration Institute (INM) of Mexico said in a press release issued on Wednesday that people of Indian origin who did not have sufficient grounds to live there had been flown to New Delhi from the Toluca City International Airport.

These people were presented to authorities from Oaxaca, Baja, California, Veracruz, Sonora, Mexico City, Durango and Tabasco.

There was a 19-year-old Mandeep among those who were deported to India, who had left Patiala in June. Mandeep finished his school and left home with an American dream in his heart. Mandeep said that he had travelled to seven countries. His first destination was Ecuador and, finally, he had reached Mexico.

Mandeep said, ‘We continued walking in the Panama forest for about seven days. We reached Mexico on 12 September. We were about 800 km from the US before the Mexico authority caught us and sent us back to India.”

Mandeep said he saw corpses in many places as they walked through the jungle. These corpses belonged to those who were trying to reach America across the jungle of Panama. They were asked to stop and then fired at.

Sahil Malik, 22, says that he left Delhi for Ecuador on 5 June. He said that he had reached Mexico by using different modes of transport and crossing the borders in buses.

Thirty-four-year-old Kamaljeet is another Indian who has been deported. Kamaljeet, a resident of Jalandhar, said that she had spent Rs 53 lakh for the trip with her husband and son.

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