Tuesday 19 October 2021
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Meraj Khan, fridge mechanic who attempted rape, knifed woman

Meraj Khan used two of his previous visits as recce to figure the woman could be found alone and unprotected at a certain time in her house


In the metropolis of District Moradabad of Uttar Pradesh, a house-appliance mechanic entered a house on the pretext of repairing a malfunctioning refrigerator and tried to rape the lone woman. On protesting, the suspect stabbed the woman with a knife. In critical condition, the woman was admitted to a private hospital for treatment. With the help of the victim’s neighbours, police arrested the suspect, mechanic Meraj Khan. The police have registered a case against the suspect.

The husband of the woman living in the Barabalan locality of the Mughalpura police station area works in a private firm. His fridge broke down five days ago. The woman called Meraj Khan from Lalbagh. He fixed the fridge, but on the second day, the woman told the mechanic that the refrigerator had again developed some snag.

The mechanic then went to the woman’s house the next day and after fixing the appliance, left. It is suspected that the mechanic used the two visits as reconnaissance to figure out that the woman can be found alone at this address at a certain time of the day.

Three days later, at around 4 PM on Saturday, Meraj Khan reached the woman’s house again. He told the woman that their washing machine needed to be repaired too or should be sold off. While the woman walked into the room to check her washing machine, the mechanic latched the main door of the house from inside and entered the woman’s room. He tried to rape the woman, stabbing her with a knife when she resisted.

Hearing her scream, neighbours gathered at the woman’s doorstep. they caught Meraj Khan even as the police reached the spot and arrested the suspect.

The blood-soaked woman was immediately rushed to the district hospital. After administering first aid, the doctors referred the woman to a bigger health centre. The woman was in critical condition till around 8.30 PM.

Senior Superintendent of Police Prabhakar Chaudhary and SP City Anand reached the spot. After inspection of the scene, the two officers questioned the suspect. During interrogation, Meraj Khan confessed to the crime. The woman’s husband lodged an FIR with charges of molestation and attempt to murder.

The SP said that the electronic mechanic had tried to molest the lone woman in the house and then stabbed her when she resisted. The woman is undergoing at a private hospital.

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