Tuesday 25 January 2022
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MEP to field candidates for 12 May election to Karnataka Assembly mse Elections-Karnataka-MEP

Health and Education would also be a primary concern of the party if voted to power, she asserted

Bengaluru: Every election witnesses emergence of new political parties and form irritants tor the major contenders for power and the 12 May polls for Legislative Assembly will be no exception. This time around the All India Mahila Empowerment Party (MEP) is joing the numerous also runners and asserts that it would contest all the 224 seats.

Floated by Nowhira Shaik, a diamond merchant from the neighbouring Andhra Pradesh, MEP has been holding rallies in different parts of since couple of months in preparation and on Wednesday. Shaik released her party manifesto assuring a prime place for women in the society besides announcing a host of benefits to farmers and those living below poverty line.

Shaik, stating that none of the major political rulers both at the national and state levels had provided any tangible support to the women and their assurances had remained mere slogans, said her party would reserve 50% seats in local bodies to women besides providing a separate for Women in each District and set up Special Courts for speedy disposal of cases pertaining to atrocities against women. Women entrepreneurs would also be provided interest free loans. She also announced providing 35 kg of rice at Re.1 per kg to families living below poverty line.

Health and Education would also be a primary concern of the party if voted to power, she asserted. She said that the party had, both and off line,received more than 5700 applications for candidature and a special committee has been formed to select the candidates.

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