New Delhi: The ‘news’ published and broadcast by a section of the media about the alleged culpability of BJP MLA from Unnao, Uttar Pradesh, in a case of rape is fake, the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has said through a press release.

“In response to media queries related to a new (sic) item published today in a National Daily, it is stated that investigation in three cases relating to certain incidents including alleged rape, violence etc. in District Unnao (Uttar Pradesh) is still continuing. CBI has not given any update/conclusion/views with respect to the cases to any media person. All such stories related to said cases published/broadcast in the media recently are purely speculative,” the press release reads.

The MLA from Unnao of Uttar Pradesh who had brought the BJP considerable ignominy, Kuldeep Singh Sengar, was arrested for his alleged involvement in the gang-rape of a minor in 2017 on 13 April this year.

The family of the victim demanded exemplary punishment for the accused the moment the news of his arrest arrived. They have told the Uttar Pradesh government that a mere arrest wouldn’t satisfy them. The family also spoke to journalists, saying that they were concerned for their security and that the State government should ensure they stay safe.

It is to be noted that the uncle and the now killed father of the victim have criminal antecedents, too, because of which the father was in judicial custody. The MLA’s brother was arrested recently for leading a gang to beat him up mercilessly, the incident that claimed his life eventually.

On the days of Sengar’s arrest, BJP MP from New Delhi Meenakshi Lekhi had said, “Accused must be punished and victims should get justice. The country is ours, the accused should not be allowed to escape. The government has condemned both Kathua and Unnao rape cases.”

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