Sunday 23 January 2022
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Media fumes as a father says ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ to Biden

Going berserk, big media houses in the US seem to have forgotten how they encouraged people to abuse Donald Trump during the four years of his presidency

Media commentators in the US spent much of Christmas weekend berating a father who screamed “Let’s go Brandon” at President Joe Biden on Christmas Eve. CNN was particularly unforgiving in its reports.

CNN White House correspondent Jeremy Diamond tweeted, “If you think it’s appropriate to tell someone — anyone, really — to go f*** themselves after they gave your kids the time of day on Christmas Eve, it says a lot more about your personal character than anything else. That is all.”

Senior Edward Isaac-Dovere followed up, writing, “Consider the mentality here of the father whose child is excited to talk about Santa Claus and then also gets to talk to the president and First Lady, but he waits out the end of the call to sneak in a cutesy way of flipping off the president on Christmas Eve.”

President Biden and First Lady Jill Biden participated in a “Santa Tracker” event with NORAD officials on Friday to speak with callers tracking Santa Claus for Christmas. One caller who identified as Jared from Oregon ended his family’s call by saying “Let’s Go Brandon,” a phrase usually intended as a disparagement against the president.

The expression “Let’s go Brandon” surfaced after a claimed that NASCAR fans shouting the phrase “F*ck Joe Biden” were actually saying “Let’s go Brandon” in reaction to driver Brandon Brown. It has since become a media sensation to mock the president and media reporters who slam Biden critics.

Mainstream media journalists in the US have since treated the phrase as “vulgar” and “vitriol,” going so far as to compare people who use the phrase to sympathizers.

The pattern continued after reporters identified the man as Jared Schmeck, a former Oregon police officer who has since insisted that the phrase was made “in a joking manner.”

During an on-air segment, The Atlantic’s Ron Brownstein went as far as to claim the phrase was a form of “insurrection.”

“I don’t think it’s fundamentally about incivility. I think it is fundamentally about insurrection,” Brownstein said.

Other reporters also had similar comments against the use of “Let’s Go Brandon.”

This was in stark contrast with the previous media response to several instances of people publicly disparaging President Donald Trump or yelling “F*ck Donald Trump” in public. Some examples of vulgarity were not only excused by media outlets but promoted and celebrated.

The Washington Post defended comedian Kathy Griffin in 2018 after she infamously posed in a fake bloodied image holding Trump’s severed head. That same year, The New York Times published an “assassination fantasy” account of Trump being killed by a Russian assassin.

Some media commentators, however, appeared to disagree, with titles like NBC’s “Parent uses right-wing slur during Biden call with NORAD Santa tracker” and ABC’s “Father uses vulgar insult during holiday call with President Joe Biden.”

Slate also referred to the phrase as a “right-wing slur” in describing the situation.

“What has become a traditional White House holiday call with children tracking Santa Claus took an awkward turn this year when one father used the opportunity to insult the president using a slur that has become popular in right-wing circles,” Slate wrote.

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