Tuesday 7 February 2023
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PoliticsIndiaMcDonald's PF certificate of Smriti Irani to be auctioned

McDonald’s PF certificate of Smriti Irani to be auctioned

TEXPROCIL told Smriti Irani a PF account in her name as an employee of McDonald was found. They decided the certificate would be auctioned and proceeds donated for the welfare of women.

New Delhi: Union minister Smriti Irani used to work for McDonald’s, the popular fast-food company, in Bandra, Mumbai, in the 1990s. She was Smriti Malhotra those days.

Prior to this job, she was refused the of an air hostess at an interview. She was told that her personality was “not good enough”.

Smriti Irani’s provident fund (PF) certificate issued due to the at McDonald’s will be auctioned soon. The proceeds will be donated to a group of women artisans.

The Cotton Textile Export Promotion Council (TEXPROCIL) is conducting the auction. Senior officials of TEXPROCIL say that the process of identification of women workers, who will be given the money from the auction, is going on.

TEXPROCIL heads and Irani had had a talk recently about her at the McDonald’s in the 1990s where the was floated. In the 90s, Irani used to get a of Rs 1,800 per month from the McJob. After working here, she turned to television.

Kyunki Saas bhi kabhi Bahu thi became a superhit soap opera on television. After this, Irani never looked back.

The money in Irani’s PF account of McDonald’s lay untouched. An official of the TEXPROCIL, Mumbai, said on condition of anonymity that he was looking for the PF certificate himself.

The official said, “When we told her a PF account in her name was found, we discussed how it can be used to improve the lives of women. The decision of auction of this certificate was taken there. We decided to give the money to the ministry (of textiles).”

A ministry official said that this was a plan and it had not been finalised yet.

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