Monday 5 December 2022
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Mazar comes up in temple on land where Krishna propounded Gita

Mazar comes up in temple on land where Krishna propounded Gita

In Kurukshetra of Haryana in the premises of a temple dedicated to the Gita propounded by SriKrishna to Arjuna for the benefit of mankind, a mazar has sprung up

A video has been doing the rounds of social media platforms such as and and messaging applications like and Telegram that shows a mazar (mausoleum) that has allegedly sprung up in a in Jyotisar on the outskirts of Kurukshetra, Haryana, where Krishna is believed to have propounded Srimadbhagavadgita (the Gita).

The videographer shot the videos on his smartphone and posted it for circulation. He is seen in the video pleading with his audience to the video and saying, “You should be ashamed as a Hindu if you cannot do even this much.”

The videographer goes around the premises, showing different religious constructions including that of a replica of Bhagawan preaching Arjuna in a chariot next to a banyan tree and a Shiva Linga near it. There is another Linga at a distance. But at some distance away from both the chariot and the markers of Shiva, there appears a small mazar covered with a blue piece of cloth with an inscription hailing a supposed sufi.

The videographer shows on the cloth over the mazar some food offerings. While Sufism arrived in India via Khwajah Moinuddin Chishti from Samarkand who had claimed to have had a dream of Mohammed to proselytise in India, the belief system of the Barelvi sect of Muslims — the forbids the faith in any intermediary between Allah and the people — incorporated some Hindu-like practices such as offering prasad (food) to their objects of reverence.

While it is, by and large, believed that the Indraprastha of the Dvapara Yuga is today’s Delhi and Kurukshetra of that epoch is still called so, geographically speaking, the upper surface of the soil has moved over millions of years and now the spot where the Gita was gifted to humanity has moved to Jyotisar, which is not exactly today’s Kurukshetra but a bit removed from it in a place called Jyotisar. Here, Krishna, Vishnu’s eighth incarnation, imparted Arjuna, the gifted archer, lessons compiled in 18 chapters that, while preparing the third Pandava prince’s mind for the against the Kauravas, also teaches mankind how to lead life ideally.

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