Mayawati: Modi could make BJP men abandon their wives like he did

Mayawati said she had learnt that married women in the BJP are apprehensive of seeing their men draw close to Modi


New Delhi: Chief of Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) Mayawati on Monday launched a personal attack on the prime minister. She said that women in the BJP fear the proximity of their men to Narendra Modi. They feel, she said, the prime minister would make their husbands abandon them like he abandoned his wife.

According to news agency ANI, Mayawati said, “I have come to know also the fact that especially the married women in the BJP are apprehensive of seeing their men draw close to Sri Modi. They fear that, as Modi abandoned his wife, he would make these men abandon their wives.”

Mayawati targeted PM Modi on the Alwar gangrape case, too. As reported by ANI, she said, “Narendra Modi was silent on Alwar gangrape case. He’s trying to play dirty politics over it. So that in the elections his party can be benefited. It is extremely shamefully. How can he respect others’ sisters& wives when he has left his own wife for political gains?”

Apart from this, Mayawati had said on Sunday that Prime Minister Modi had taken recourse to new electoral rhetoric. He says, his caste is that of the poor, she said, wondering “how the people can forgive him for the plight of millions of poor, labourers, farmers etc. for five years?”

Prime Minister Modi had said in an election meeting on Sunday, “I was born in a very backward caste but I am fully committed to making the whole country forward.” He said, “Those who want to know the caste of Modi should listen carefully. Modi’s only caste is that of the poor. These people do not want to know Modi’s caste but they are demanding caste certificates of poverty.”

On the other side, Mayawati had accused the BJP and Congress of failing to resolve the problems of the country and appealed to defeat the two parties in the Lok Sabha election. While addressing an election rally, Mayawati targeted the Congress for “failing” to apply reservations in a proper manner for the poor and the downtrodden.

Mayawati said, “The Congress, which ruled the country for a long time after independence, could not address the main problems of poverty and unemployment. Apart from this, they failed to properly implement the reservation policy for the poor and Dalits, which resulted in these sections being deprived of benefits.” She targeted the Narendra Modi government and accused it of using Dalits as a vote bank.

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