Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Max Hospital in Patparganj of Delhi turns hotspot, sealed

Fresh cases of coronavirus infection continue to surface in national capital Delhi and across the country even after a month of lockdown

As many as 145 health workers have been quarantined after 33 health staff were found coronavirus-positive in the Max Hospital of east Delhi’s Patparganj. The entire hospital has been sealed.

“The hospital is being sanitised and the staff who were tested positive were moved to Max Hospital, Saket, East Wing, which is a COVID treatment facility. Also, 145 nurses working at the Patparganj hospital have been quarantined,” the spokesperson said.

“As part of our ongoing routine COVID-19 testing for all healthcare workers, admitted patients and new admissions, a total of 33 healthcare workers have tested positive since the exercise began earlier this month at Max Hospital, Patparganj,” the hospital group said.

Max Super Speciality Hospital in Patparganj is not a COVID-19 treatment facility. Earlier in April, a patient admitted at the hospital for dialysis had tested positive for the virus.

There are two doctors among the infected. The rest, who came in contact with the health workers, are also being tested.

As many as 32 staff of Ambedkar Hospital in Rohini, Delhi have been found COVID-positive too. The coronavirus infection spread reportedly due to contact with a pregnant woman. The woman had died in the hospital.

A day ago, 44 ​​staff including doctors at Babu Jagjivan Ram Hospital in Jahangirpur area of ​​Delhi were found to be COVID-positive. Following the development, services were discontinued.

Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain said that the staff of Jagjivan Ram Hospital located in Jahangirpuri area had been found infected. Many positive cases have been reported from Jahangirpuri area.

Yesterday, the Hindu Rao Hospital in Delhi’s Bada Hindu Rao Hospital was closed. A nurse from the hospital was found to be COVID-positive. This nurse was working at different places in the hospital for the past two weeks. The authority decided the hospital would remain closed until it is completely sanitised and contact tracing is completed. The nurse’s case has stirred the staff in the hospital and its frequent visitors, as infection in a healthcare worker exposes all her patients to the risk as well.

The hospital is temporarily sealed due to the nurse’s infection.

Fresh cases continue to surface in Delhi and across the country even after a month of lockdown.

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