Sunday 23 January 2022
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Mauritius to exclusively offer biofarming technology

New Delhi: The first joint committee meeting between India and Mauritius for the cooperation in sector was held successfully on 21 January. The possible areas of cooperation were identified.

These areas are in line with the MoU signed between the two countries on 13 December 2015. The issues discussed for cooperation were in the areas of capacity-building through training of trainers, surveys on potential areas, managerial and technical skills, marketing, exhibitions and trade fairs exchange of business missions, setting up of business incubators, easy access to finance, clusters initiative, etc.

The two sides also agreed to formulate an action plan in the area of coir, khadi and handicraft sectors in addition to the above areas. The Government of Mauritius has exclusively offered to India transfer of biofarming technology and also cooperation in the health sector.

The Mauritius delegation for this meeting was led by Soomilduth Sunil Bholah, Minister of Business, Enterprises and Cooperatives. Kalraj Mishra, Union Minister for MSME, and  Giriraj Singh, MoS for co-chaired the meeting from the Indian side.

Featured image: Kalraj Mishra, Union Minister for  with Soomilduth Sunil Bholah, Minister of Business, Enterprises and Cooperatives, Government of Mauritius, at the first joint committee meeting

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