Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Maulana marries student younger to him by 31 years as second wife

The 50-year-old Muslim man’s father opposed this, saying the maulana was already married and the new marriage would lead to inheritance issues

A 50-year- maulana in a madrasa ‘fell in love’ with a 19-year-old high school student studying in his village in Pipraich area, Gorakhpur district, UP. When other villagers found out about this, they called a panchayat on 10 June where the 2 were ordered to get married.

The 50-year- maulana’s father opposed this the maulana was already married and this new marriage would lead to issues in division. So it was decided that the maulana will have to give half his property to his first wife and then only marry the student. The maulana agreed to this decision and married his young second wife that same night.

On Friday, Pipraich police learnt about this and arrived at the village to inquire. Both parties claimed that the marriage was done with their consent. As Muslim civil law (governed by sharia) permits up to 4 marriages for a Muslim man, police did not take any action.

In February, a Pakistani parliamentarian and Muslim cleric in his late 50s, Maulana Salahuddin Ayubi, married a 14-year- girl.

In accordance with Sharia law (Muslim religious law), Pakistani courts have ruled that men can marry underage girls as long as they have had their first menstrual cycle. Not to be left behind, even courts in Bharat have ruled that Muslims girls can be married off once they attain puberty, and that in the absence of evidence, puberty is assumed on completion of the age of 15 years.

Man traps widowed Hindu woman, forcibly converts her & her sons

A man identified as Mahfouz has been taken into custody for forcibly converting a widowed Hindu woman and her two sons. He is alleged to have trapped the woman by promising to provide shelter to her and the children after her husband’s demise. Mahfouz, however, forced her to convert before marrying her in a nikah ceremony and even forcibly circumcised the children as per Islamic customs.

As per reports, Harjinder Kaur who is a resident of Uttarkhand’s Bajpur lost her truck driver husband Harkesh in a road accident on 8 May. Following this, she shifted to Kaladungi along with her sons Rahul and Sumit. Mahfouz, who is also a truck driver and Harkesh’s friend, approached Harjinder promising to support her and her children and took them along to his village Bairua in UP’s Shahabad.

It has been alleged that five days ago he forced Harjinder to adopt Islam and become Gulista. He even forcibly converted the children to Islam and changed their names. He then married Harjinder in a nikah ceremony and threatened her saying that she and the children would be able to stay in his house only if the kids were circumcised.

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