Wednesday 27 October 2021
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Manoj Patil, former Mr India, attempts suicide

Manoj Patil had lodged a police complaint against actor Sahil Khan in Mumbai a few days ago for harassment and alleged defamation


Former Mr India Manoj Patil reportedly attempted suicide by consuming some pills at his Mumbai residence on 16 September.  The bodybuilder was rushed to the Cooper Hospital where he is undergoing treatment and said to be in a critical condition.

As per his manager, the incident took place at around 12:30 AM. Manoj Patil have blamed Bollywood actor Sahil Khan for mental harassment in a suicide note.

Manoj Patil story

A doctor from the hospital on 16 September afternoon said, “He has regained consciousness and is in a stable condition. We have taken samples from his body to find out what he had consumed. We have updated the police officials about his health condition.”

The ex – Mr India Manoj Patil, a resident of Oshiwara (Mumbai), had filed a complaint against actor Sahil Khan in the Oshiwara Police Station a few days back, for harassment and allegedly trying to defame him.

Manager of Manoj Patil, Naaz said, “Manoj was being harassed since last year. His phone number had been made viral. He was with his friends last night and he went to a chemist shop and bought some pills on his way home. When he reached home he fell unconscious and was rushed to the hospital.”

Meanwhile, Sahil Khan has refuted all the allegations against him. In a conversation with media, Sahil khan said, “I had met a boy named Raj Faujdar on a social networking site. He’s from Delhi and had made a video that Manoj Patil took Rs. 2 Lakhs from him and sold him expired steroids after which had developed some heart problems and skin issues as well. I’m surprised Patil has not mentioned his name in his suicide note or police complaint”.

However, the Instagram accounts of both Manoj Patil and Sahil Khan have videos supposedly targeting each other, where both can be seen mocking some individual without taking any specific names.

Patil had recently taken to Instagram to describe how he was being allegedly targeted by Khan. In the post, he said, “I will soon expose Khan. Due to him, I have been receiving a lot of messages and phone calls from people. He has been harassing me for two years. He has been digging out information on me to defame me.”

Responding to the allegations, Khan said at a press conference, “His (Patil) issue is not with me. It’s with Raj Faujdar (an aspiring bodybuilding athlete). I just helped Faujdar, who alleged that he (Patil) sold him expired steroids for Rs 2 lakh in 2019. Faujdar suffered heart problems and asked him (Patil) to return the money. When he did not return it, Faujdar approached me. So I used my social media profile to upload a video to address Faujdar’s issue thinking he (Patil) would return his money. I will also lodge a police complaint. There is a big racket. People are making supplements, fake steroids, and action needs to be taken against them.”

Faujdar, who too was present at the press conference, said, “Patil had promised to return my money. I did not approach the police because I come from a poor family. I just wanted my Rs 2 lakh back and did not want to get into any police hassles.”

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