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Manmohan Desai, the visionary, in Coolie


In 1983, had weaved a plot of a community where the protagonists were communists and antagonists capitalists. The ‘hero’, essayed by Amitabh Bachchan, was Iqbal, the of a communist trade union of porters. In this shot towards the climax, the communist emerges with trademark hammer and sickle. In the next shot, he wears a cloak that flies off the dargah of Haji Ali, with the Shahada (la ilaha il-Allah Mohammed ul Rasool Allah) inscribed on it to protect Iqbal from capitalist Zafar’s bullets. for offence, for defence! How convenient? But that is not the whole story. Desai depicted with these shots the eternal truth of Islamism-Marxism nexus.

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For every one thing I have mentioned in this thread, there are 10 I have missed.

This shows how much effort and backing that was needed, over a period of 70 years, for a Google to come thru

Now you decide if India had that sort of infrastructure and background. And then comment

Yogi Adityanath sets the tone … Biggest interview before polls.

On Mathura, Muslims & mandate … Predicts: 320+ for BJP in 2022 … And a 'surprise' as runner up.

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The Itihasa episode scheduled for today has been postponed to next Thursday. Same time, 9.00 PM. @Itihasa_Purana

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