Friday 1 July 2022
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Manjusha Neogi 3rd actress from Bengali entertainment industry to commit suicide in 15 days

A friend of Manjusha Neogi and actress Bidisha De Majumdar had committed suicide the previous day while on 15 May, Pallavi Dey's body was found in her flat

Bengali model and actress Manjusha Neogi has died under suspicious circumstances. Manjusha’s body was found hanging at her house in Patoli. have started an investigation. In the last 15 days, three actresses from the Bengali industry have died.

Manjusha’s friend and actress Bidisha De Majumdar had committed suicide the previous day. On 15 May, Pallavi Dey’s body was found in her flat. The news of the suicide of budding models and actresses has shocked everyone in the Bengali industry.

Manjusha did not come out of her room this morning, even as her parents kept calling their daughter. When no response was received, the worried parents peeped into the daughter’s bedroom to see to their horror that their daughter’s body was hanging from a noose.

Manjusha Neogi was a model and actress by profession. Manjusha was recently seen in the role of a nurse in the TV show . She had done small roles in many shows too. Manjusha’s mother told the that she was in depression after the death of her friend Bidisha.

On 25 May in the evening, the body of Manjusha’s friend and model Bidisha was found hanging in her rented apartment in Dum Dum’s Nagarbazar. Bidisha’s age was 21 years. The actress had shifted to this flat only a month and a half ago. According to reports, the have also recovered a suicide note from Bidisha’s apartment. Bidisha’s and her friends say that there was some problem going on in their relationship, due to which they took this step.

Bidisha was reportedly in a relationship with a gym trainer. Nothing was going well in their relationship, due to which Bidisha was very upset. Bidisha’s boyfriend was dating many girls even after being in a relationship with her. Because of this, there was a rift in their relationship. A close friend of Bidisha told about this that the actress also talked to her about her deteriorating relationship. However, Bidisha did not face any problems in her professional life, as she was getting constant work. She was troubled because of their relationship.

Pallavi Dey had died under suspicious circumstances on the 12th of the same month. The body of the actress was found hanging in her flat. However, a few days later, Pallavi’s live-in-partner Sagnik Chakraborty was arrested. The members of the actress have alleged murder. At the same time, the said that Sagnik was already married, due to which the used to quarrel every day.

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