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Maneka Gandhi does it again: ‘If I get less than 50% votes…’

Maneka Gandhi said she would prioritise villages on the basis of percentage of votes in her favour when it comes to working for Sultanpur



Pilibhit: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate from Sultanpur Maneka Gandhi has once again made a controversial statement. During a rally in Sultanpur, Maneka Gandhi said she would work more in such areas from where she gets more votes.

She said that the village that gets her 80% of the votes would be in A category. The village which gets her 60% of the votes would be in the B category and the village which gets her 50% of the votes would be in the category!

Gandhi said further that the villagers could well imagine what would happen in places that give her less than 50% of the votes.

Earlier, Gandhi had warned Muslims against not voting for her, for which the Election Commission served her a notice. She has to respond to the show-cause notice in three days.

Gandhi had told Muslim voters that they should vote in her favour in the Lok Sabha election because they would need her for jobs after the election. She said in an election meeting held in the Muslim-dominated area of ​​Lochakhani, “I am winning with the love and support of people. But if I win this victory without the Muslims, then I would not like it very much.”

Union minister and BJP leader Gandhi is contesting from Sultanpur this time while her son Varun Gandhi is contesting from Pilibhit.

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