Saturday 21 May 2022
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Man wakes up to a heavily built woman raping him

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Seattle — Police have issued an arrest warrant for Chantae Marie Gilman, a mother of four who prosecutors believe raped a man last year as he was in a of sleep in West Seattle.

The unidentified victim, 31, reported the June 17 attack to police saying that he did not know Gilman personally but said she was an acquaintance of another man in the duplex.

The victim told the police that he had gone to bed in his home the night before the and woken up to find Gilman, a stranger, later found to weigh 240 lb (about 109 kg) and of height 5 ft 7 in, on top of him with his erect penis inside her vagina. He tried to move her away, but she refused, and continued to have sex with the victim until he could work his way free.

According the the police report, on the night of the attack the man had attended a birthday party for a neighbor known to Gilman. 

“Once arriving home he fell asleep on his bed,” reported Detective Roger Ishimitsu. “Victim slept very hard due to a long day.”

“From a statistical standpoint, yes, it is atypical to have a female aggressor,” said Detective Drew Fowler, with the Seattle Police Department, “But we work to hold all people responsible for their actions. The is specifically written to be -equitable and we will charge anybody with a crime that they’ve committed.”

Staff at the Harborview Medical Centre examined the victim for signs of rape after the June 2013 incident. Investigators later used a sample of Gilman’s DNA to build their case, according to court documents. A sample of her DNA matched female DNA recovered from the sexual kit. However, the lab results were not completed until this summer, a representative for the county prosecutor said.

Gilman is a mother of four who is eight months pregnant with her fifth child, said Elwin Hartfield, a friend who answered the door at her last known address in Seattle. Hartfield said Gilman is in treatment in Eastern Washington, and that she’d been treated for mental health issues and drug abuse in the past. Gilman has prior felony convictions for attempted and possession of a stolen vehicle.

The victim told investigators he did not know Gilman, beyond recognizing her as “a drug user in the area.”

Gilman told police she didn’t remember the incident and that she suffers from a mental illness and bipolar disorder. Gilman denied knowing the man to police and said she did not remember being at his house or having sex with him. Detective Ishimitsu wrote: “She said that she has a mental illness and suffers from Bipolar disorder and Psychosis.”

She has since been charged with second- rape for assaulting a victim ‘incapable of consenting to sexual intercourse by reason of being physically helpless.’

Gilman is scheduled to be arraigned on 22 September.

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