Monday 25 January 2021
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Man keeps distance, fearing wife has Covid-19; wife seeks divorce on ground of impotency

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Politics India Man keeps distance, fearing wife has Covid-19; wife seeks divorce on ground...

A case has come up before the Law Tribunal (Legal Authority) in Bhopal where a man is facing an imminent divorce after he began maintaining some distance from his wife due to the apprehension that he had contracted coronavirus infection (Covid-19). The newly-wedded wife first left home to go back to her parents’. Five months later, she moved the tribunal seeking alimony with an appeal that says she suspects her husband is infertile or impotent.

While marriage counsellors tried to persuade the woman to desist, citing her husband’s infection, she said the marriage had to been consummated as yet and that she felt it was because her husband was unfit for sexual life. They had got married on 29 June while the woman filed for divorce on 2 December — in about five months since the date of their wedding.

To convince the wife, the poor man had to provide proof of his libido and virility by getting medically tested. The woman went back to her in-laws’ with her husband on Friday after the case was settled — much as she had additionally complained that her parents-in-law ill-treated her and that her man avoided her company while talking to her only over the phone.

After living with her parents for about two months, she thought of asking for compensation as “I had my whole life ahead of me”.

Man turns out to be fit, wife patches up

In view of the seriousness of the case, the authority advised the man to get himself medically tested. The man then placed a medical report before the authority, which showed he was fit.

The tribunal reached the conclusion that the woman applicant had falsely accused the man. The woman and her family were counselled. The woman then agreed to go to her parents-in-law with her man.

The counsellor warned the woman against making further false allegations, said District Legal Services Authority Secretary Sandeep Sharma. Both husband and wife were advised to get themselves tested for Covid-19 as well.

The secretary had convinced the woman her husband had a phobia of coronavirus, due to which he was maintaining distance from her, which was not as serious a matter as his being impotent or infertile.

During counselling, the man revealed that he had learnt of a case of Covid-19 among the kin of his wife. He had assumed, he said, that his wife was not inflicted due to strong immunity but he needed to be cautious.

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