Monday 25 October 2021
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Uttar Pradesh man denied bail for case in non-existent PS

The Allahabad High Court has found that the thana — Akbarabad police station — mentioned by a Bijnor Police officer does not exist


The has issued a show-cause notice to a police officer in after it emerged that he had falsely claimed that a Muslim man from Roorkee was a “dreaded criminal” who had previously been booked under the stringent Gangsters Act in a police station in Amroha district, resulting in him being denied bail for three months.

The court found that the thana — Akbarabad police station — mentioned by the Bijnor Police officer did not exist.

Manavvar (who only uses his first name) was from his home in Roorkee by Bijnor Police on the evening of 31 when he was busy playing with his seven-month-old son. The 30-year-old car mechanic was accused of being part of an inter-state auto-lifter gang.

“During his bail hearing in a Bijnor court in April, police told the court that Manavvar was a dreaded criminal,” his Umair Mahmood said. Manavvar was denied bail following which he approached the Allahabad High Court.

On 25 June, the additional government advocate (AGA) of told the court — on the basis of instructions received by the Bijnor police officer — that the accused had a case against him lodged in 2015 under the Gangsters Act in Akbarabad police station in Amroha.

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