Sunday 23 January 2022
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Mamledar, 4 others quit ‘communal’ Trinamool in Goa

Ponda MLA Mamledar was among the first politicians in Goa to have joined the AITC with former Navelim MLA Luizinho Faleiro and ex-INC Yatish Naik and Vijay Pai

Former Ponda MLA Lavoo Mamledar, who was among the first to have joined the All India Trinamool Congress (AITC), resigned from the party on Friday. He is among five leaders who joined the party this year and put in papers before the 2022 assembly election.

Alleging that the AITC tried to divide the people of Goa on the basis of their religions, five primary members of the AITC, including Mamledar, resigned from the party.

Mamledar had joined AITC along with former Navelim MLA Luizinho Faleiro, former Congress spokesperson Yatish Naik and former Goa Congress general secretary Vijay Pai on 29 September.

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A strong critic of MGP president Deepak Dhavalikar and his brother Sudin, the Madkai MLA was expelled from MGP two years ago for indulging in anti-party activities.

“We had thought that AITC is a secular party, but with deep regret, we would like to bring to your notice that AITC has tried to divide Goans on the basis of religion by aligning with Sudin Dhavalikar,” Mamledar said in his resignation letter addressed to party president Mamata Banerjee, signed by four others — Sujay Malik, Kishore Parwar, Komal Parwar and Ram Mamledar.

“AITC’s move to polarise Hindu votes towards MGP and Catholic votes towards AITC is purely communal in nature. We do not want to continue with a party that is trying to divide Goans. We will not allow AITC to break the secular fabric of the state and we shall protect it.”

Mamledar said he was disillusioned with the party. “We had joined AITC with the hope that it would bring brighter days for Goa and Goans. But it is unfortunate that AITC has not understood Goa and Goans,” he said in the letter.

Mamledar was hopeful of contesting against his archrival Sudin Dhavalikar from the Madkai constituency. However, with AITC now having forged a pre-poll with MGP, Mamledar’s hopes of getting a ticket from AITC were almost dashed. Besides, he would now have had to campaign for Dhavalikar, something that would have caused him acute embarrassment.

Mamledar said that he had raised his objections against Trinamool Congress’s with MGP. “I told them in no uncertain terms that I wouldn’t be able to share any platform, stage or photograph with Dhavalikar. They argued that with MGP being our alliance partner, I couldn’t opt out of the campaign. This was when our differences reached a flashpoint and I decided to resign,” he said.

Mamledar, a resident of Porvorim, said, he had initially expressed his desire to contest from Porvorim, when he joined Trinamool Congress, but “when it appeared that (Porvorim MLA) Khaunte could join Congress and considering the possibility of an AITC-Congress alliance, I offered myself to contest from Madkai so as not to pose any hurdles in the plans. However, I was kept in the dark by the AITC about its plans to forge an alliance with MGP.”

Mamledar said he is willing to contest from Madkai if any party gives him the ticket. Madkai is traditionally a stronghold of MGP with Dhavalikar representing the constituency since 1999.

Mamledar, who earlier was in MGP, also accused Trinamool Congress of making false promises during the campaigning for the Goa assembly election.

“The Trinamool Congress launched ‘Laxmi Bhandar’ scheme, promising Rs 500 per month to women. But in Goa, they promised Rs 5,000 per month, which is next to impossible. When a party feels defeated, they make false promises. I won’t be a part of a party who fools people,” he said.

The Banerjee-led AITC started campaigning aggressively for the upcoming election after former Goa Chief Minister Luizinho Faleiro joined the party. Earlier this month, the AITC supremo was embarked on a three-day visit to the coastal state.

The Aam Aadmi Party is another contender in this state election.

Goa is scheduled to go for the assembly election in early 2022.

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