Monday 25 October 2021
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Mamata: Mangoes For Murder

Paavani Bhakta
Chief Editorial Consultant, Sirf News, commentator on socio-political issues

West Bengal today is all about rape, pillage, torture, murders of young and old, villages after villages. Desperate people fleeing to neighbouring states, leaving their everything behind, seeking to save their lives from the marauding Trinamool Congress goons. Their fault — they stood up against a decade of misgovernance and fought for change. That’s all. The NHRC, the NCW are all trying to fight legally against these crimes but to no avail. Because the kingpin of these criminals is in absolute power in the state. It is under her very instructions that these demons unleash this murderous mayhem. The present governor has seen the plight of these men and women and wept tears. And yet, nothing is done. And then I read in today’s about a ‘sweet gesture’ of sending mangoes that ‘Didi’ (West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee) has to the prime minister, the home minister, the president, the vice-president among others. A strategically placed news item about this happening last week.

How can she be called Didi? Pure evil and a blot on womanhood, Mamata Banerjee is a demon, a devil incarnate. I squirm every time anybody, be it even Prime Minister Narendra Modi, addresses her as “Didi”. The head political executive of the country did it throughout the electoral campaign, making one cringe on every occasion of that utterance.

My blood boils. ‘Sweeten ties’, Didi’ — what oxymorons of speech are these? Whose ‘Didi’ is this openly vicious and terrible woman? What ‘ties’ are to be ‘sweetened’ on the blood of thousands, if not more, innocent people whose only fault was that they fought for a state that should have followed the path of development and growth? Rather than that of corruption, communalism and goondaism?

What were our leaders thinking? Why were these mangoes even accepted? Why were they not sent back immediately? What is the message sent across to the suffering people who are today homeless and penniless, thanks to this same ‘Didi’?

Is this regime really so naive? The diabolical Mamata Banerjee sends across mangoes having already figured that no one is going to take a morally ethical stand, waits for a week until she is sure that they cannot be returned and then slyly gets her mango diplomacy printed in the newspapers. Making sure that the recipients are left with nothing but egg on their faces. Is this what we voted for — a supposed nationalist government that does not even look out for its own people? So dumb that they cannot figure anything — neither the workings of a state that they should have won hands down nor the machinations later? Difficult to decide whether this is unfortunate or shameful.

There comes a time when leaders have to stop being just politicians. Have to take a pause from wanting to be remembered as statesmen. Have to simply be human. Have to remember that they have reached these heights in public life by climbing on the shoulders of these very men and women who have ceaselessly worked to bring them to power.

Offices come and go, the people connect should remain. A political activist is nothing without it.

Too late now for anything to be changed in this Himalayan blunder. What a tragedy that these ‘sweet mangoes’ were had on the blood and tears of scores of lives, lives that were brutally murdered because of their loyalty to the very people who partook of them.

Karma never forgets an address. It would do well to remember that.

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