Friday 28 January 2022
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Mamata built a secret crematorium to dispose of the dead not accounted for: BJP MP

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is afraid that the real picture will come out if the Centre steps in, says BJP MP from Bangaon Shantanu Thakur

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Shantanu Thakur, BJP MP from Bangaon, has alleged that West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has built an illegal crematorium to dispose of such people who died of the coronavirus disease (COVID) but were not reported by the state government.

Thakur was reacting to Banerjee’s response to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement of a Rs 20 lakh crore package to revive the country’s collapsed economy. Banerjee had said, “I am doing my best to check the spread of coronavirus, but the Centre is doing politics over it. This is not desirable.”

The BJP MP said, “If the Centre intervenes directly in the COVID situation in West Bengal, the depth of the issue will come to the fore. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is afraid that the real picture will come out if the Centre steps in.”

Thakur alleged that an illegal crematorium had been set up to cover up the COVID situation. “It is a completely unauthorised crematorium. It has been made in a jungle without informing the people. People know nothing. The crematorium has been set up at my Lok Sabha constituency. Why was this crematorium built?” the MP asked.

Thakur, reacting to the Banerjee’s statement, said, “The chief ninister is herself is scared of the COVID situation. She hasn’t got the foggiest idea of the current situation in the state.”

“Her government has no clear idea as to how many people have died or how many have contracted COVID, Thakur said, adding that this was the reason Mamata was trying to keep the Centre at an arm’s length.

Then the Bangaon MP said, “It is clear from this that the number of human deaths is increasing. And the state government is taking all possible steps to cover up this issue. Mamata Banerjee’s government is doing all this without the knowledge of the people.”

Dealing with the Centre-State conflict, the BJP MP said, “The situation has come to a point where the chief minister is trying to absolve herself of responsibility.”

“All states are taking steps to repatriate migrants. The only exception is West Bengal,” Thakur said, adding, “About 10,000 people in my area are still stranded outside. Nothing is being done for them.”

Shantanu Thakur’s allegation that a chief minister can build a secret crematorium to dispose of bodies for cases of COVID deaths in the state she does not want the world to know about can either be hilarious or sensational. But he is hardly the first Bengal politician to make such an allegation. In March this year, Mamata Banerjee herself had made many a jaw drop by claiming Prime Minister Modi was the creator of coronavirus, or the panic surrounding it, with the help of television channels!

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