Friday 27 May 2022
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Malini Awasthi threatens to sue Congress IT cell man for defamation

Malini Awasthi reacted sharply to Pandhi’s tweet that she gets programmes and shows from the government because of her bureaucrat husband

Hours after Gandhi-scion Priyanka Gandhi suffered a massive embarrassment over her list of 1,000 ‘buses’ that contained three-wheelers, ambulances and trucks, the Indian National Congress (INC) and its trolls have resorted to threatening and abusing individuals for exposing Priyanka Gandhi’s lies and pointing out several errors in the so-called ‘list’.

Renowned singer Padma Shri Malini Awasthi has threatened to file defamation case against Gaurav Pandhi, the national coordinator of digital communications & social media in Congress, for allegedly tarnishing her image.

Continuing a similar trend, INC IT cell worker Gaurav Pandhi on Tuesday resorted to personal attacks against ’s noted folk singer Malini Awasthi. Attacking Malini Awasthi and her husband Awanish Kumar Awasthi, who is currently Uttar Pradesh’s Additional Chief Secretary, Pandhi said that senior IAS officer was behaving like ‘’s Shakhaboy’ against the poor migrant workers.

Pandhi, shamefully dragging Malini Awasthi into the migrant crisis controversy, insinuated that her husband was acting in such a way because the folk singer has done hundreds of shows for the Uttar Pradesh government and earning crores from the govt. Pandhi said that bank accounts of Awasthis will not be surprising, implying that senior IAS officer Awanish Awasthi had amassed huge wealth from favouring the BJP.

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She reacted sharply to Pandhi’s tweet that she gets programmes and shows from the government because of her bureaucrat husband. “Either you give proof of it or be prepared to face legal action. Long drawn struggle and sacrifice of an artiste spanning over the past 48 years is being nullified by disgusting politics and the Congress has stooped to this level. My husband’s honesty and integrity is impeccable and sets precedence for others,” she tweeted back.

Malini dared the INC IT cell man to first check his facts to ascertain that she had been getting prime programmes of stage and singing much before her marriage in the mid-80s.

“I had been a radio artist much before my marriage and performed at stages and other shows simply on my talent and hard work,” she countered. “It’s same Congress party which had been led by many women leaders and fought for women’s rights. But unfortunately, now it is indulging in disgusting politics of attacking my husband, when it has failed politically,” she added.

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It is pertinent to note that Gaurav Pandhi had indulged in a similar attack two days back after he had targetted Union Minister Smriti Irani by calling her the dumbest faced a similar ‘dumbest and most unintelligent’ Parliamentarian in the ever. A day later, Union Minister Smriti Irani had responded to Pandhi’s disrespectful tweet in a sharp-witted way, which won the hearts of many social media users.

On 16 May 2020, Priyanka Gandhi Vadra had tweeted a letter wherein she had written to UP government seeking permission to ply 1,000 buses for migrant workers. The Uttar Pradesh government had accepted INC General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra’s offer of providing 1,000 buses for migrant workers and asked the list of drivers and co-drivers of these buses so that the UP government can make use of them in bringing back the migrant workers.

Today UP govt confirmed that the INC has submitted a list of 1049 buses, but surprisingly, the list includes auto-rickshaws, trucks, ambulances etc, while details of many vehicles were not available. Priyanka Gandhi also conceded that the there are only 879 buses in the list of 1049, and added that a new list of 200 buses will be furnished tomorrow.

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