Sridevi had all the happiness in her life post marriage, had a fulfilled family and career even at this age.

Was it her extra slim figure that led to her cardiac arrest?
She has been full figured in her teens, twenties and thirties.

We saw an extremely slim Sridevi, in her mid forties which I even as a layman would say was against her natural physical disposition.

Sometimes artificial slimming techniques and extreme diet control also results in hormonal imbalance and imbalanced cholesterol levels.

Anti aging cosmetic surgeries could also be a factor.

Sridevi was the strongest female actor on Indian screen and her screen presence outshined almost all heroes, including Amitabh Bachhan.

May God give her peace.

I had a Hunch of “Foul Play” as soon as I heard the SAD BAD News Yesterday and I fearlessly Posted on FB and told everyone who called with this sad News. Sridevi sudden death: Foul play cannot be ruled out

25 Feb, 2018

Sridevi Kapoor, a beautiful Bollywood star who dies hating her own body.

Sridevi had undergone 29 cosmetic surgeries on her face, nose and was on huge number of diet pills to makes her slimmer and look more younger.

She took a lot of hydroxyl drugs trying to keep her weight down. These drugs kill your hunger, heighten your metabolic rate and makes heart beat faster. Luckily for her she died of a heart attack because most people get a severe stroke and survive and live like a vegetable for the rest of their lives.


This is why I get scared when my parents are alone at home. It is the bathroom where most accidents happen. A few days ago it was Saba Tani, now Sridevi.

Lots of suggestions that Sridevi died as a result of all the crazy reconstruction surgeries she underwent. It’s an important debate. Women are brought up with so much weight of societal expectations about appearances, more so in showbiz, that they begin to undergo all these risky surgeries. But on the other hand we also have countless women, in showbiz too, who do not take this route, grow old gracefully, or not. Sridevi anyways was a tragic figure. She was acting from the time she was four, had claimed she was exploited. It’s obvious she had low self-esteem which made her constantly try to “improve” herself. Very sad. 
Sridevi: Bollywood superstar dies at 54 of heart attack

There have been people who have taken exception to the diet-dru-death correlation, too. Or, without challenging the theory, said it was her life, and that she had the right to her choices.

Swasti Semwal shared FunToon‘s video.

Many ladies who all are writing about Sridevi’s surgeries and concluding it to be the only cause of her sudden death should be sent to life saving campaigns, hope they can save few lives? Even if she undergone fewsurgeries, thats her choice. She conquered everything by her talent, which nobody can ever match. People will remember her for all her iconic roles she played so far not for number of her surgeries. A super mom and a strong women, you never know what all sacrifices she has made to make it big in the business. Grow up! Anybody can get a heart attack doesn’t come with an invitation?? #stoputteringnonsense #srideviisforever

When everybody was pitching in with his or her hypothesis, how could the communal let the opportunity go? So, here comes Allah, and an answer to that.

Nilofer Mohamad is feeling sad.

Guys plz admire and accept the way ur. Coz Allah(swt) has given us tis body, looks and everything. Any fake surgeries of pretending to look better is a myth. I dont know y do people wana go into all this. I see even normal people apart from these film industry guys indulging into Botox, lypo n all those rubbish things?

If you are so concerned about the message Sridevi’s body image, her cosmetic surgeries and choice to go under the knife several times gives out, I hope you show the same concern when hijabis go around promoting modesty fashion. Their clear message is – women ought to be covered in order to check the lustful eyes, behavior and instincts of men.

When you support the choice of one, however misguided and conditioned from childhood they are in the matrix of a Muslim culture, learn to support the choice of another. That would be being truly liberal.

Otherwise, try and understand why we oppose promotion in sports, in fashion, and as normal thing for age girls and toddlers. Nature gave us bodies, we evolved into beings living in cities, villages and developed belief systems with “revealed” books via messengers with the sole aim of regulating women’s behavior, bodies and attire, not to mention their marriage and property rights.

Image may contain: one or more people and people standingWe evolved further into aware people who realized the absence of a scientific understanding made us religious all those millennia ago – our spirituality and awe intact, we started finding wonder in facts, experiments and processes, ready to change conclusions as the data changed.

We know now it seems ridiculous to give in to the demands of mullahs and priests and their standards of piety. We live in an age where the human body is not deemed a miracle but a scientific progression and it is really our choice what we do with it.

We have a moral sense of what kind of message should give to our children and growing young adults, hence we debate and discuss, and argue the merits of modesty dressing or display of sensuousness. So try and keep the objectivity when criticizing one and upholding the other.

From those of us who are always under the diktats of religious extremists, you all seem ridiculously with one agenda – the control of women’s choices.

The featured image of this post is a screen grab from a YouTube video that, prima facie, propagates another theory of the death. But they have not even used the right funeral pictures!

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