Thursday 9 December 2021
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Mahindra wishes to employ those who served army for 3 years

Top commanders of the Indian Army are seriously deliberating upon the proposal of Anand Mahindra, which they find will save a lot of money

Anand Mahindra, chairman of the Mahindra Group, known for his entrepreneurial prowess, made many a youth experience an adrenaline rush on platforms when he announced that he would offer jobs in his company to such young people who had served for at least three years in the Indian Army.

The industrialist had recently offered a job to a rickshaw puller, impressed by his innovation. Now he has opened the doors of a corporate profession to former soldiers.

Anand Mahindra sent his proposal through a mail to the Indian Army Headquarters. In his mail, he wrote, “I have recently learnt that the Indian Army is considering a novel proposal, the ‘Tour of Duty’. The young, fit citizens of India will get an opportunity to gain operational experience in the Army both as soldiers and officers through this voluntary three-year program.”

Mahindra added, “I definitely think military training will be an added advantage for Tour of Duty Graduates as they enter the workplace. In fact, considering the rigid standards of selection and training in the Indian Army, the Mahindra Group will be happy to consider their candidature.”

Army considering proposal of Mahindra seriously

In the army, a percentage of recruits do not work till they retire due to age, but after some years of service, they move to another profession. Although a minimum of 20 years of service is required on a Permanent Commission, one may leave the army after 10 years of service under the Short Service Commission or get it extended to 14 years.

While there are many takers for an extension of SSC even up to Permanent Commission, the fact that there is no option below 10 years of service deters many from applying for army jobs.

The Indian Army, working on the proposal of Mahindra, now wishes to allow ordinary citizens to join the army for three years, sources said. If the suggestion is approved, it will be a voluntary engagement and there will be no dilution in selection criteria. “Initially, 100 officers and 1,000 men are being considered for recruitment,” Army spokesperson Colonel Aman Anand said.

The sources said, while the commanders are working out details of the proposal, age and fitness will be among the key criteria for recruitment under the “Tour of Duty” or “Three-Year Short Service” Scheme.

In a section of nationalist thinkers, a compulsory military experience for every adult citizen is a popular idea. Our sources in the army noted that there was a “resurgence of nationalism and patriotism” in the country. The soldiers said the proposal tries to tap the youth who do not want to join the Army as a profession but wish to experience military life for some time.

It will be a cost saver

Sources said if the conference of top commanders of the army accepts the proposal of Mahindra, the will save cost for the army too — which will save a huge amount of money on gratuity, severance packages, leave encashment and pension.

Through a comparative study, the army has weighed the training costs on recruits under the Tour of Duty with their subsequent limited employment for only three years. It found that the financial benefits would be exponential.

The cumulative approximate cost of pre-commission training, salary and other expenses is approximately Rs 5.12 crore to Rs 6.83 crore on an officer if he or she is released after 10 and 14 years. These costs for soldiers released after three years would be just Rs 80 lakh – 85 lakh each. On the other hand, the cost of their retention till they are 54 years old is too high, as approximately 50%-60% of the SSC officers are granted Permanent Commission.

The savings for only 1,000 soldiers turns out to be Rs 11,000 crore, which can be used for modernisation of the forces, the sources said, reacting to the proposal of Anand Mahindra. A stint in the army, they said, would be helpful for youngsters in getting jobs in either corporate or the government sector.

Those recruited under the Tour of Duty will be eligible for deployment as combatants in key forward locations. Sources said there would be no restrictions in their roles.


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