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Mira Bhupathi’s Christian supremacist blog resurfaces on social media

Mira Bhupathi reveals her agenda of demographic change in India: '... before I reach heaven I will take at least 10,000 souls with me... Praise Jesus!'

New Delhi: India woke up to a communal shocker on 3 December from a section of society expected to stay above parochialism. Tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi’s mother Mira Bhupathi had written a blog in 2008 where she said it was wrong of her to be born a Christian and get married to a Hindu. The blog mysteriously surfaced on social media on Monday and turned viral.

“My burden is for India, (sic) since in this country we fight with about 33 million other gods,” Mira Bhupathi wrote in the blog.

The blog begins with her account of a happy-go-lucky, little girl who just happened to be born in a Christian family by a stroke of fate. The implication is that her attitude of not taking her religion seriously was behind the ‘wrong’ decision of marrying a Hindu.

Mira’s article shares her belief that her son Mahesh is a gift to her from God or the one and only ‘true’ god that Christians believe in.

Retired tennis player Mahesh Bhupathi was born on 7 June 1974 to Shrinivas (a Hindu) and Mira Bhupathi (a Christian). As is the general practice among Hindus unlike many other religious communities, Shrinivas did not ask his wife to abandon her original faith and turn a Hindu.

Mahesh Bhupathi’s mother goes on to reveal her agenda of demographic change in India, saying, “Right now I know that I am someone who loves the Lord so much that I can give up my life for Him. I was praying that before I reach heaven I will take at least 10,000 souls with me, but now with God’s grace, that number has increases (sic) since the Lord has helped me to be an instrument in the salvation of thousands. Praise Jesus! ‘Now to Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us’ (Eph 3:20).”

Then she shares, like a true Christian, the superstition of miracles that her community subscribes to. “Now when we pray I am blessed that so many deliverances take place and even cancers are healed. The Lord is really honoring me. It is four years since I consulted a doctor regarding any serious illness. I believe that the Lord always keeps His word. As I ‘seek the kingdom first’ in my life, in return I am greatly blessed (Matthew 6:33),” Mira writes.

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