Sunday 23 January 2022
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Maharashtra sees sharpest single-day spike 5k+ COVID cases: Total 1.5 lakh affected

Maharashtra is the worst affected state in India, accounting for nearly one-third of India’s total 4,90,401 positive cases as on 26 June 2020

Maharashtra has by now seen more than 1.5 lakh coronavirus infections, with 5,024 new COVID cases recorded today. This is the highest single-day rise and the first instance of more than 5,000 cases registered in a day in the state.

The state witnesses the previous highest single-day spike yesterday with 4,841 new COVID cases.

The total number of deaths in Maharashtra has reached 7,106. This includes the 175 fatalities recorded today.

The state had reported 192 deaths yesterday. Out of the 175 COVID deaths reported today, 91 occurred in the last 48 hours while others had taken place earlier but aggregated to the figures today. A statement by the health department said the state’s case fatality rate is 4.65%.

Maharashtra is India’s worst affected state by the coronavirus disease, which accounts for nearly one-third of India’s total 4,90,401 positive cases as on 26 June.

The number of new cases in Maharashtra’s worst affected city of Mumbai, however, came down marginally to 1,297 from the 25 June figure of 1,350 cases. The total number of cases registered in Mumbai so far have reached 72,175 including 4,179 deaths. 117 of these fatalities were recorded today.

One silver lining, however, was seen in the total number recoveries that have continuously risen to reach the figure of 79,815 including 2,362 recorded on 26 June. Maharashtra has fewer active cases — 65,844 — compared to recoveries. The recovery rate in the state is 52.25%.

The state has been getting close to reaching the 9 lakh tests mark with 8,71,875 samples tested so far.

Earlier today, Maharashtra health minister Rajesh Tope denied the allegations levelled by opposition leaders including the BJP leader and former chief minister Devendra Fadnavis and said the state government was not hiding COVID deaths and the rise and drop in casualty figures seen over the past couple of weeks were due to reconciliation of past data.

“We are not hiding any deaths. Sometimes, more death cases are reported on a particular day. It happens due to the reconciliation of past deaths. There is no question of hiding death cases,” Tope said.

Tope added that 22,000 tests are done per million people in Mumbai compared to 15,000 tests are done per million population in Pune.

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