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Maharashtra, Haryana exit polls: BJP-led NDA to continue ruling

BJP showed the confidence in making Devendra Fadnavis and ML Khattar the faces of the party respectively in Maharashtra and Haryana elections; with the party's biggest star campaigner Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the icing on the cake, the strategy seems to have paid off


After the end of the Assembly elections in and Maharashtra, the BJP-led NDA in both the states is seen forming governments according to almost all exit polls. Votes will be counted on 24 October. recorded 54.53% voting till 5 PM, while recorded 61.92% voting till 5 PM.

Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar and Maharashtra’s Devendra Fadnavis are believed to be facing litmus tests. They were both made the respective faces of the party in the elections.

BJP had won for the first time in 2014 in Haryana. The BJP-Shiv Sena alliance returned to power by defeating the 15-year-old NCP-Congress alliance in although an alliance could not be struck before the last election. BJP daring to go it alone had, for the first time, make it the larger partner in the NDA in Maharashtra in 2014.

In with 90 assembly seats, the BJP and Congress fielded candidates for all the seats this time whereas INLD-Akali Dal made the election extremely interesting by fielding its candidates in 81 seats.

Channel/Agency BJP Congress Others
TIMES NOW-CNX 230 48 10
ABP-LOKNITICSDS 192-216 55-81 4-21
NEWS18-IPSOS 243 41 16
AXIS- 166-194 71-90 04
REPUBLIC-JAN KI BAAT 216-230 52-59 8-12
  • TV9 Marathi-Cicero has given 197 seats to BJP-Shiv Sena alliance in Maharashtra in its exit poll whereas Congress-NCP has been given 75 seats and others 16 seats.
Channel/Agency BJP Congress Others
TIMES NOW-CNX 71 11 08
ABP-C VOTER 72 08 10
NEWS18-IPSOS 75 10 05
NEWSX-POLSTRAT 75-80 9-12 1-4
REPUBLIC-JAN KI BAAT 52-63 15-19 12-18
  • In the exit poll of India News-Pollstrat, BJP has been given 75-80 seats in Haryana, 8-12 seats are going to the Congress and 0-1 seats to INLD + Akali.
  • TV9 Bharatvarsha has given 47 seats to BJP in Haryana, 23 to Congress and 9 to INL + Akali Dal in the exit poll.

By winning 47 seats in the 2014 elections, BJP had formed the last government with a simple majority in for the first time. In Haryana election, BJP made the removing of Article 370 and bringing NRC to the state its poll planks. Congress raised the issue of unemployment, economic downturn and growing troubles of farmers.

In the 2014 Assembly election, the BJP had won 47 seats, Indian National Lok Dal (INLD) 19 and Congress 15 seats. The Haryana Janhit Congress (HJC) had won two seats, Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) and Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) had won one each. Five independents won the election last time.

Looking at the 2014 Assembly election results in Maharashtra, the Bharatiya Janata Party had emerged as the single largest party with 123 seats. This was the first time the BJP had won so many seats in Maharashtra while Shiv Sena was second with 63 seats. The Congress had 42 seats and NCP 41 seats while 1 seat went into the account of ‘others’.

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