Tuesday 7 February 2023
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PoliticsIndiaMadrassas showered with salaries, scholarships in Maharashtra that can't pay govt employees,...

Madrassas showered with salaries, scholarships in Maharashtra that can’t pay govt employees, doctors from Kerala

Mumbai: The Maharashtra government has announced a salary package worth Rs 1.80 crore for clerics, madrassas (seminaries for Islamic theology) and mosques. The Minority Development, Aukaf, Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Minister of Maharashtra Nawab Malik said that, under the leadership of Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray, 121 madrassas of the state would get salaries worth a total of Rs. 1.80 crore. Nawab Malik said further that this amount would be released under Zakir Hussain Madrassa Modernization Scheme.

The Maharashtra government had started the scheme to meet the basic needs of the state’s madrassas. The objective of the scheme was to modernise the state’s Islamic seminaries and ensure they have the basic facilities.

Under the scheme launched in 2013 by the coalition government of INC and NCP, not only will teachers of madrassas get salaries but the also will get scholarships.

In the first week of July, Vijay Wadettivar, a minister in the Maharashtra government, had said that the government was facing economic challenges due to which it would need a loan to pay the salaries of the employees. The minister had said moreover that the union government was responsible for the state’s financial crunch.

BMC yet to pay salary, 15 Kerala doctors leave as madrassas rejoice

Forty Kerala doctors who had come to at the request of the Maharashtra government to help the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation in the battle against COVID-19 are on their way back home. The civic body has not yet paid their salaries. Fifteen have already left for Kerala while the remaining 25 went back home on 23 July.

At least four of the 35 nurses from Kerala, who had joined Seven Hills hospital last month, too, have not received their salary from the BMC.

“All 40 doctors who came to have not been paid. They were supposed to work for two months. Fifteen of them decided to return home last week due to salary issues,” said a doctor associated with the South Asia chapter of Doctors Without Borders. The association had facilitated the movement of these professionals to Maharashtra during the lockdown.

The team of 40 doctors and 35 nurses had arrived in from Kerala on 9 June after the Maharashtra government made a request to the Kerala government. Their task was to help BMC set up a COVID hospital in the city. The BMC had promised a salary of Rs 2 lakh for specialist doctors, Rs 80,000 for MBBS doctors and Rs 35,000 for nurses, along with allowances.

The doctors had, over the past few days, complained that neither were they being paid nor was the BMC reimbursing them for their expenses.

An official from the United Nurses Association (UNA) said all the nurses employed by the Seven Hills Hospital management had received salaries, but the ones posted by BMC in the hospital were yet to be paid.

The doctors have claimed that the BMC had been postponing the payment dates. The BMC initially promised to pay by 5 July, then postponed it to July 10 and finally to 13 July. “The salaries have not come even today,” said Dr Santosh Kumar Wednesday.

An official from BMC said the salaries will be credited soon in their bank accounts. “The file is on the move,” an official said.

The Maharashtra government reportedly has urged the Kerala government to send more doctors and nurses to the state. In a letter to Kerela Chief Minister on 22 June, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray wrote, “Our doctors and nurses have been fighting a long-drawn battle against Covid, and whilst we have begun to chase the virus, and chase it out for good, we need to have more members into our medical frontline force to support increased capacity. Apart from trained nurses, we require intensivist’s, anaesthetists, pulmonologists, physicians at large,” the letter said.

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