Tuesday 7 February 2023
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Madrassa Products Will Wreck India

Given the tenets of the 7th-century ideology that madrassa students swear by, their substantial percentage in the workforce will turn governance Caliphate-like

The clearance given to the madrassa board of Uttar Pradesh for the students of Islamic seminaries to apply for all union and state government jobs, including in the Indian Army, is an ominous development. A direct and final assault on secularism, which has been practised in a distorted manner in the country for decades anyway, the sanction threatens to infest the governance mechanism of the country with obscurantist ideas of the 7th century that Muslims ridiculously insist remain eternally modern. That the madrassas have for long been infused with modern subjects like physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, social studies, etc does not impress. Examples like Mohammed Atta of 9/11 infamy, engineer Osama bin Laden and doctor Aymen al Zawahiri of al Qaeda have demonstrated and again that a mind polluted by indoctrination cannot be purified by science. India has seen innumerable examples from Kashmir to Kerala, where ‘educated’ Muslims have run amok, thumbing their noses at the ‘Qur’an in one hand, computer in the other’ belief of optimists. If the authority is assured that the madrassa products in the country in general and Uttar Pradesh in particular are clear of the dangerous ideology of the Arabian desert, what is the mechanism to guarantee the same? Have the district magistrates or superintendents of police been authorised and instructed to conduct audits of these seminaries? Even if they are — which is doubtful — will Muslims tolerate and allow these secular officials to do their job?

The initiative observed of late in the so-called Hindutva circles to make such gestures to be in the good of Muslims betrays an ignorance of contemporary history. From the US’s bid to exploit Islamic sentiments to prevail on the Soviet forces in Afghanistan to the recent seeking of pride by the British, the French and the Germans in being pluralistic and multicultural, Muslims have demonstrated that they cannot be used by any regime whereas they can use the ruling class of any democratic country by hoodwinking it for a while into believing that the community has mellowed down and has got mainstreamed. The entertaining of Muslim ‘grievance’ by the West has only established absolute Muslim rule in every Islamic country: A Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, a Recep Tayyip Erdoğan in Turkey and now a Taliban in Afghanistan. What makes the DNA theorists then believe that responding positively to the madrassa board’s grouse that its pupils are denied equal opportunity in applying for seats of higher studies and public sector would melt the hearts of followers of the unreformable religion? Did the communist-jihadi-supported UPA administration think twice before accusing Indresh Kumar, the prime patron of the Muslim Rashtriya Manch, of involvement in terrorist activities?

They are not the governments of the country — the union and the states — that will benefit from a madrassa-trained workforce; rather, this new source of admission and recruitment will skew the human resource demography in a way that the nation will soon stare at a Caliphate-like situation where any disciplining move will be vetoed, routine acts will have to be halal-certified and hostile propaganda pushing Pakistani and narratives will get new trumpeting instruments including overseas institutions like those in the Gulf countries, the roads to which the UP government has paved with noble intentions too. Will a magistrate now rule that wife battery is valid because the Qur’an allows it? Will turning the women of conquered territories into sex slaves be permitted now because Mohammed approved of it? Or will a Shari’ah-compliant state, which the madrassa gentry will turn India into, stone criminals to death? If it is too awkward for the Yogi Adityanath government to roll back the authorisation of the Uttar Pradesh Madrasa Board to register in the Council of Boards of School Education after the gala announcement, there are wise political options like putting issues on the backburner or creating greater issues that divert public attention, which the state dispensation can exercise. India is otherwise doomed.

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