Sunday 23 January 2022
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Madhya Pradesh woman commits suicide at INC MLA’s bungalow

Sonia Bhardwaj, a friend of former Madhya Pradesh Forest Minister and INC MLA from Gandhwani Umang Singhar, committed suicide last Monday

A 38-year- allegedly committed suicide at Indian National Congress (INC) MLA and former Madhya Pradesh minister Umang Singhar’s house in Bhopal on 17 May.

Police said they found a note, allegedly written by the woman, on the spot. It names Singhar and says she wanted to “find a place” in his life, but that did not happen. The note added that she was killing herself as she could not take it anymore.

The 39-year- had hanged herself to death in Singhar’s Bunglaw at B sector of Shahpura on Sunday evening. Singhar, who is already married, wanted to marry Sonia after divorcing his wife. In suicide note, Sonia had indicated that she was depressed over MLA’s behaviour.

Sonia had arrived in Bhopal a month ago and was living in the bungalow at B sector in Shahpura. Her son and mother, who reached Bhopal on 17 May, said that she had informed them about her marriage. Meanwhile, Singhar reached Sunkhedi crematorium where Sonia’s body was consigned to flames and consoled her bereaved family.

Madhya Pradesh Congress MLA Singhar, who represents the Gandhwani constituency in the assembly, said the was a good friend and that he was unaware that she was under treatment for mental health issues.

Police said the was from Ambala and had been coming to Singhar’s residence in Bhopal’s Shahpura area for about a year. She had been staying there for the past 25-30 days, said police.

The former minister was out of Bhopal for the past two days.

Additional SP Rajesh Singh Bhadoria said, “A servant and his wife stay at the bungalow. On Sunday morning, the servant’s wife knocked on the door. When there was no response, the servant Ganesh informed Singhar and he sent a relative to the bungalow. The was found hanging from the ceiling.”

In a message to a leading media channel, the INC MLA from Madhya Pradesh said, “She was a very good friend, it’s a heart-breaking incident. Police told me that they found prescriptions of psychiatric treatment at Ambala and Bhopal hospitals. Had I known about it, I would have ensured she got timely treatment. I was away at my Assembly constituency for the past three days.”

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