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Machiavellian Maino Gandhi: Not For People, Only Politics

Wasn't the offer from Sonia Gandhi-led INC part of their design to ensure this country suffers more? Consider that the states ruled by the party are not paying the train fare against the supposed will of their central leadership!

Paavani Sinha
Paavani Sinha
Editorial consultant, सिर्फ़ NEWS, commentator on social issues

Lakhs of migrants have reached home. Who do they thank? The National railways, which will pay for 85% of the cost or the state govts who will reimburse the remaining 15%? But Kerala, Rajasthan and Maharashtra have shamefully made the migrants pay their way. In these times when the opposition is shouting itself hoarse about how their hearts bleed for the destitute daily wagers, what part of their bleeding hearts have justified this insensitive act? It hasn’t and it won’t because their political master Sonia Maino Gandhi who, true to her training in the British form of governance, has once again shown her true colours. She and her children do not want to walk India but want to rule it with scant consideration for the want, pride and feelings of the people. Her dictum to her party ruled states is don’t pay, the Congress party will. As for Kerala, well, the INC-LDF have always been sleeping partners. What one does, the other will follow.

Very convenient this, the party pays to let the poor feel a sense of obligation and servitude, and the state governments in unlawful transactions of money fund the party for the same, which will eventually make a huge song and dance about helping the migrants reach home in these times of crisis. Can it get more shameful than that, Mrs Gandhi?

Rather stupefying how populist schemes are still topmost on the agenda of Sonia Gandhi-led INC, that at least now should have mended its ways and turned to true welfare of the country that they have fleeced for decades.

If the angst for these migrants and their pain was real, why was there not a clarion call from the Congress supremo to their party men to help the labourers when lockdown started? Why did neither she nor her son demand from their workers a nation-wide movement to feed, clothe and home these people when they most needed it? Scores of RSS swayamsevaks have been on the roads for over a month now to make sure that mouths don’t go hungry. Camps have been set up to make sure that they have a place to stay. Why did the INC not step up then?

Worse, was this part of their wicked design to make sure that this country suffers more? That social distancing becomes a farce? Ensure that in this time of asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19, the unsuspecting can migrate from one state to another hence spreading the disease effectively. As has happened — seven migrants who reached Basti, Uttar Pradesh, on a bus from Maharashtra have tested positive for COVID-19.

A move inspired by the Tablighi Jamaat, Mrs Gandhi?

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