Wednesday 26 January 2022
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Holi hooliganism: LSR students allege series of balloon-flinging incidents

A BA history student of the college also alleged "semen-flinging" in the morning at the Old Double Storey area near Amar Colony

New Delhi:  of University’s Lady Shree Ram College for Women today alleged a series of balloon-flinging incidents, including one in the evening in which three balloons were thrown from a house located in the I block of Amar Colony.

A BA history student of the college also alleged “semen-flinging” in the morning at the Old Double Storey area near Amar Colony.

Based on a complaint received from the students, the police were looking into the issue, an official attached to the Amar Colony police station said.

“One of our friends was hit by three balloons at around 8 PM. She called us for help. We told the police about the house from which the balloons were thrown and demanded immediate action,” a student, who requested not to be named, said.

After the police intervened, the residents of the house, from where the balloons were thrown, issued a written apology that said, “An incident of ballooning happened from the roof of our two-storied quarters in the absence of any men at home. We assure you that we will try to ensure that no such incident happens in the future.”

In another case, a BA history student of the college alleged “semen-flinging”.

“The liquid in the balloon thrown at me this morning was sticky and disgusting. For the last two days, balloons are being thrown at me, but the one thrown at me this morning was different,” she said.

The demanded immediate action. They also announced an agitation and a march near the college, condemning the incidents.

Four days ago, a student of the same college had alleged “semen-flinging” and narrated her experience on the social media.

A day after a University college student’s posts narrating alleged “semen-flinging” went viral, over 40 members of ‘Pinjra Tod’ — a women students’ collective — today took out a protest march condemning such incidents.

The three-hour-long march began at 5 PM from Vijaynagar and ended at Hudson Lane.

The protesters said incidents like the one reported by the DU student has become a norm during Holi festival.

“Every year such incidents have become common during Holi Festival. Especially the lanes through which we marched today is where a lot of women of DU stay and have experienced such incidents,” Devagana, an activist with Pinjra Tod, said.

“‘Bura mat mano Holi hai’ is what we hear after being harassed like this,” she said

Devagana even questioned the myth behind the festival, saying “Even the reason of this festival has violence against women. A woman called Holika is burnt alive and that is being celebrated.”

The collective also accused “ policing” and locking up girls inside their hostels during such festivals.

“Let us refuse this bogus rhetoric of security and policing that wants to lock us up in our hostels and PGs and wants to clear the roads of street vendors in the name of our ‘safety’. Let us send out a loud message that we refuse to walk these streets in fear anymore,” the collective said.


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