Wednesday 25 May 2022
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LPU sacks professor who said Rama tricked Sita, put blame on Ravana

Gursang Preet Kaur, whom LPU has terminated, had in a lecture called Rama cunning and Ravana a good person who was tricked by the revered god

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Lovely Professional University (LPU) has sacked its professor after a video of her insulting Lord Ram went viral. On Saturday, the private university in Punjab’s Phagwara sacked Gursang Preet Kaur for making derogatory remarks about Lord Ram.

In its statement, Lovely Professional University said, “We understand that some people have been hurt by the video shared on social media where one of our faculty members can be heard sharing her personal opinion.” The Univerity further added that the views shared by its faculty member, Gursang Preet Kaur were personal. “We wish to clarify that the views shared by her are absolutely personal,” a statement from Lovely Profesional University read. It further said, “The university doesn’t endorse any of them.”

Further, in their statement, LPU said that they are a secular institute. “We have always been a secular university, where people from all religions and faith are treated equally with love and respect,” the statement from LPU read.

“She has been relieved from the services with immediate effect,” LPU said. “However, we deeply regret this whole incident,” it further said.

In a video going viral, a Lovely Professional University (LPU) professor, Gursang Preet Kaur made insulting remarks at Lord Ram. One of the Twitter users shared the video and tagged LPU in the post.

In the video, Gursang Preet Kaur while speaking to the students, said that Ravana was a good person and Ram was a bad person. “Do you know Ravana was a good person by heart? Ram is not a good person. Ram is not a good person at all. Ravana is a good person. I find Ram to be a cunning person,” she said in the video. Singh further said that Ram made plans to trap Sita and later blamed all of them on Ravana.

“He made all the plans to trap Sita. He put Sita into trouble and puts all the blame on Ravana. How can we decide who is good and who is evil?” she added further. “And the whole world is worshipping Ram saying that Ravana is a bad person,” the ex-LPU professor said. The professor who has now been sacked by the LPU asked her students to make such arguments to make people think about ‘who is bad and who is good?’

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