Love-related issues and astrological solutions


New Delhi: Today I begin answering questions sent to by people looking for astrological reading, predictions and solutions. The subject this 14 February is love. One may otherwise pose questions of any aspect of one’s life. Please send no more than one question per email.

The questions and answers may often deal with private aspects of one’s life. Hence, I request every questioner to identify the section in this post that is about him or her from the of the question. Respecting the privacy of your lives, we are not reproducing the real names.

Questioner born in Ahmedabad in 1978: I am planning to get married this year. Will I get as wife the girl I love?

You have had a wonderful love life. You are very likely to get married to the girl of your choice. The marriage will also bring to you.

Questioner born in Kolkata in 1969: I have ended several relationships one after the other. Can I ever settle down with a man of my choice?

You are prone to break-ups. If at all you get married, the marital life will not last. You are advised to offer dhwaja to Lord Hanuman every Tuesday.

Questioner born in Guwahati in 1980: I am separated virtually. My husband deserted me for no fault of mine. Should I look for a new partner? Will he stay with me forever?

Your marital life does not look good. If you go for a second marriage, it is likely to fail, too. You have had fleeting physical relationships both before your first marriage and after it. You should pray to Lord Shani and wear pearl and yellow sapphire.

Questioner born near Tiruchirapalli in 1990: Please predict my life ahead, covering the possibility of overseas travel and studies, finance and health. How will the relationships with parents and relatives? Thoughts on love marriage and how will marriage be? Advisable age to get married?

You are a technically-oriented person with a good sense of music and fine arts. You should ideally get married after February 2019. Your future looks good after marriage, particularly if you work abroad in the field of technology. [In the future, more than one question per email will not be entertained]

Questioner born in Pune in 1992: Am I compatible with my girlfriend? Our dates, times and places of birth follow.

The girl bears a practical approach towards domestic affairs while you are philosophical towards the same, which can lead to minor conflicts and disagreements between the two. You will find her ways very different from yours while the girl will put in a lot of efforts to manage everything around. This might contribute to some friction at times between you two, which can be overlooked if the other gunas match well, but they don’t. Your compatibility score is 18 out of 36.

If one needs some astrological guidance beyond what is sought through the question via email, please seek an appointment by sending your phone number in the second email. If visiting any of my offices physically is not feasible, you may be counselled over the phone.

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