Tuesday 20 April 2021
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CrimeLove jihad spreading fast in UP, MP, Haryana, Delhi: 16 cases in...

Love jihad spreading fast in UP, MP, Haryana, Delhi: 16 cases in 2 months

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The Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh is working on a mechanism to tackle love jihad in the state even as the scourge spreads across Madhya Pradesh, Haryana and Delhi. Typically, in such cases, a Muslim man poses as a Hindu, pretends to fall in love with an unassuming Hindu girl, But there are also cases where Hindu girls brought up on secular education fail to appreciate the stark difference in the cultures, lifestyles and belief systems of the two communities and fall for Muslim men, knowing they are Muslims. In cases of either kind, the girl often lands in an atmosphere quite alien to her and then cries for help if she is fortunate enough to live to tell her story of woes.

Love jihad is not a fictional concept but actually a part of the conspiracy hatched by the fundamentalists. There is no official register as of now that has recorded all such cases.

Sirf News has today reported the latest case of love jihad where a certain Abdullah with four children befriended and raped a minor Hindu girl. Police today arrested Abdullah. His accomplice Bunty Khan has been arrested for kidnapping the minor girl to help Abdullah.

Love jihad in past two months

Haryana: On 22 August, the Muslim husband of a 25-year-old widow from Haryana’s Panipat assaulted her while she was pregnant. The woman registered a complaint with the police. The woman says she was entrapped in love by a boy named Goldie a year ago, but she came to know later that the man’s real name was Nizamuddin. In her complaint, the woman said that when she put her foot down, a group of Muslims forced her to marry Nizam who impregnated her and kicked her out of the house.

Haryana: In Tawadu, Mewat, Haryana, a man lodged a case of kidnapping 12 days ago his daughter disappeared. The girl’s father alleged that a Muslim boy had waylaid his daughter and taken her away. He said that the girl took with her cash and jewellery from the house one night at the behest of the Muslim boy. The police have so far got no clue about the eloping couple’s whereabouts. The Muslim man’s mobile phone curiously remains switched on, but he does not receive calls to the number.

Uttar Pradesh: On 13 September, a minor girl left her home in Agra, Uttar Pradesh. A Muslim man named Ikrar came to Haryana to take her. Later he was kept there for a few days and then he took him to his home in Saharanpur. After taking the girl home, she was first converted to religion and later she was married to him named Ikarana. A few days ago, when the police investigated the entire case on the complaint of the girl’s father and arrested the accused Iqrar, it came to light that Iqrar first befriended the girl by telling her name Ravi and then slowly trapped her in the trap of love. Had taken.

Uttar Pradesh: The case of love jihad in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, which led to the case of a girl who became Fatima from Shalini Yadav. Just a few months ago, 22-year-old Shalini went missing from her home. Later it is revealed that he has now married a boy named Faizal and changed his name, religion, marital status. In this case, the girl’s brother alleged that the whole matter is about love jihad. His sister came out of the house with 10 lakh rupees and was seduced by seduction.

Uttar Pradesh: On 25 August last month, a case of Love Jihad came from Lakhimpur in UP. In this case, Mohammed Dilshad trapped a Dalit girl in his love trap and raped her and killed her heartlessly after seeing her heart fail. In fact, Dilshad was angry that the girl with whom he formed a love trap, his family had fixed his marriage elsewhere. But Dilshad wanted the girl to convert and marry him. When the girl denies this, she is fraudulently summoned and brutally murdered.

Uttar Pradesh: On 31 July in Meerut, UP, some youths of the community tried to pick up a Dalit girl from their home with their colleagues. However, when the family protested, the girl somehow escaped from them. In this case, an FIR was lodged against Suhail in the police. In which the girl’s family told that Suhail used to change his name for the last 6 months and talk to his daughter. But when the girl came to know about this, she refused to talk. Due to which, many people tried to pick him up from home.

Uttar Pradesh: On 23 July, the ghastly face of Love Jihad was revealed in Paratarpur, Meerut. A woman named Priya was first implicated by Shamshad a few years ago as Amit Gurjar and then when the truth was revealed, she started asking him to convert. Priya kept protecting herself and her daughter from these things. However, taking advantage of the lockdown, Shamshad killed both of them and buried the pit in the house and buried it. The case was revealed after 4 months due to Priya’s friend Chanchal.

Uttar Pradesh: In the Govindnagar area of ​​Kanpur, it was also discovered that a young man named Asif Shah first trapped a Hindu girl in his web and brainwashed him and forced him to convert. The girl was later found to be in a poor and mentally unstable condition. On the complaint of family members, this case has been registered under Section 366.

Uttar Pradesh: Another case came up at the Bajaria police station in Kanpur. Where a young man named Lucky Khan implicated a minor girl in his love trap by revealing his Hindu name and blackmailing the girl for accepting and converting to Islam by taking pornographic pictures of him. In this case also, the girl’s family got an FIR registered against Lucky Khan and told that the girl used to set up a flower shop outside the temple. Lucky Khan called his name Lucky only to befriend him. Which did not make the woman realize that the youth belonged to a particular community.

Delhi: In the national capital Delhi also saw the case of Love Jihad on 4 August of the previous month. In the Kiradi area of ​​Outer Delhi, a boy named Anwar implicated a 20-year-old girl after revealing her name as Anu and then raping her for several months. First of all, when she did wrong thing with the girl, then she drank him by putting drugs in cold drink. Then he raped her as soon as she fainted and shot the entire incident. Later this trend continued. Once, he also married the girl in the temple to take her into faith. But after some time it is revealed that she is Anu and not Anwar.

Delhi: At the beginning of September in Okhla, Delhi, there was a dispute between the two parties. The case was earlier described as a case of assault by the police. However, later media reports revealed the love jihad angle in this case. It was also learned that the accused king had framed the younger daughter of the victim as Lallan and Kurshid had implicated the elder daughter as the king. However, when the two sisters came to know of the reality and denied the relationship, their family was attacked by pretending to be parking the car.

Uttar Pradesh: In another case in Kanpur recently, the victim herself shared an objection with the media. The girl told that a boy named Shibu Ali befriended him by becoming Sachin and then slowly got stuck in his words. When the affair started, the girl came to know from her antics that Sachin is a Muslim and her name is Shibu.

According to the victim, the boy pressured her to convert. Used to beat him. Not only this, he once encouraged the girl to have a relationship with the cleric. When the girl refused, she was beaten. Later she escaped and came to her house. Although Shibu did not stop even then, he lured her again and then kept the same pressure on her with her. Due to which the girl came home one day. But on 14 August, Sheibu called him and tried to do the same thing again and he was attacked with a knife after refusing.

Madhya Pradesh: Gwalior of Madhya Pradesh is also not untouched by love jihad. After a video surfaced on 16 August, it was revealed that there is a woman whom a Jammu and Kashmir youth implicated by false identity and then got married. When the woman met her family, she realized the boy’s religion and came to know that the boy’s name is Sahil Kumar and not Shaukat Ali. A few days after it was revealed, he drove the woman away. In the video, he also showed wounds to his body.

Bihar: A case of kidnapping of a minor was reported on 20 August at Harlakhi police station in Bihar. However, it is difficult to say whether Love Jihad had an angle in this case. But it is absolutely true that when the accused Shabir, the father of three children, ran away with the 14-year-old girl, his family members said that they had taken the girl to get her converted. After the girl was also recovered, she said that she was asked to kidnap him and take only the name of Allah.

Uttar Pradesh: On 16 September in Meerut, a youth named Abdullah was arrested from Kankarkheda. It is alleged that it would have trapped the girls as aman and then abducted them and raped them. He recently kidnapped a young woman on 3 September. Which was recovered after 13 days. Abdullah, 42, is said to be the father of 4 children.

Uttar Pradesh: Talking about the latest case, Bunty Khan kidnapped a minor on 11 September from Ibadatnagar area of ​​Agra in Uttar Pradesh. Bunty first befriended the girl through Tiktok and then collaborated with her colleagues to carry out the incident. After catching up with the case, the UP police today arrested 7, including Bunty Khan, and sent them to jail and the teenager was recovered.

Uttar Pradesh: A case of love jihad was also exposed in Khekra village of Baghpat district of Uttar Pradesh. Hindu organizations alleged that Adil, a boy from another community, drove the married woman away. The woman has no clue even after 7 months have passed. If he doesn’t get it soon, he will create a ruckus. However, after the police action, the victim was recovered a week ago and the accused was sent to jail.

These are only select matters of love jihad, the cause of Islamic fundamentalism across the country. Those are presented to you as an example. Otherwise, there are many such incidents in different states of the country, where a definite pattern can be seen if we investigate. Whenever a party or organization takes up this matter prominently, people of a certain section declare it against the integrity of the society and are trying to declare it as the brainchild of the rightists.

Many cases of love jihad have been reported in Kerala in the recent past as the stronghold of the Left. A Muslim conference recently issued a press release saying that Hindu women are being targeted in Kerala in the name of love jihad. Of the 21 people who joined ISIS recently, half of them were Hindus, who were converted.

Pattern in love jihad

Even today people who have doubts about love jihad or, after learning about so many cases, those who feel all people are all part of the Indian society, they need to look at the pattern in these cases. Following is the modus operandi seen in every other incident of love jihad.

Often in a case of the type, the family of the Muslim man is not financially well off. The youth is either unemployed or is fed up of a series of forgettable jobs he could secure but not sustain for long. However, when they must trap a Hindu girl, they would beg, borrow or steal to look affluent. They would present themselves in good clothes, purchase expensive gifts and, most importantly, when caught, they get professional legal help to wriggle out of the clutches of the judiciary.

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