Tuesday 11 May 2021
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Love jihad real, India must be declared Hindu rashtra: PC George

PC George said love jihad was real and Muslims 'plan' to make India an Islamic country by 2030, a plan that got delayed due to demonetisation

At a time when issues such as love jihad and Hindu rashtra had taken a backseat despite it being an election season, Kerala MLA PC George attempted to bring them back in the discourse, saying that “Muslims plan to make India an Islamic country”. George has reportedly said further that Muslims have been encroaching into Christian nations and turning them into Islamic nations.

“Love jihad” happens to be a term coined by Christians of Kerala about one-and-a-half decades ago, much as the mainstream media would have people believe it is a Hindu concoction.

Speaking at a function organised by HRDS India, an NGO for tribal welfare, at Thodupuzha in Idukki, Kerala, George said India must be declared a Hindu rashtra, as Muslims plan to make India an Islamic country by 2030. George said that demonetisation delayed the plan to turn India into an Islamic country.

“Love jihad is real and Muslims plan to make India an Islamic country by 2030… was delayed due to the demonetisation move by Prime Minister Narendra Modi,” George said. He said that Muslims had been encroaching into Christian nations such as France and “converting them into Islamic nations”.

George allegedly said that Muslims are actively working in Kerala to make India an Islamic nation by the year 2030 but, the Kerala MLA said, their “plan was delayed after PM Modi announced demonetisation” back in 2016.

“…can we let this nation [go] to any particular community? This needs to be discussed. Somebody has to speak up,” PC George said.

Attempting to back the “Muslims making other countries Islamic” issue, George said, “Let’s consider the nations around the globe. There are capitalist countries, poor nations and Third World countries like India. All countries give prominence to some religion. In the case of Arabian countries, they are not just Islamic but also believe that whatever is not Islamic is inappropriate.”

“Countries like America are falling in this line, but things are changing now. Muslims infiltrated France, and now they are converting it into Muslim nation. Though it was a nation of the Christian community, Muslims are encroaching, it won’t be much late.”

“How far will this go? SC has said there is no love jihad. I know love jihad is real, I will say there is ‘love jihad. When I’m saying where we are headed, don’t misunderstand. There is only one solution to put an end to this. Respected Bharath [India] must be declared a Hindu Rashtra,” George said.

Well, this was not the first time George has been in the news over his controversial remarks on a range of topics. Back in 2018 when a Kerala nun had accused a Jalandhar-based bishop of raping her, the seven-time MLA had put the blame on the nun, allegedly saying that she was a “prostitute”.

“No one has doubt that the nun is a prostitute. Twelve times she enjoyed it and the 13th time it is rape? Why didn’t she complain the first time? (sic),” George said. He is a graduate and holds a Bachelor of Science degree.

In September 2017, the chairperson of the Kerala Women’s Commission MC Josephine alleged that George sent her three threat letters, along with packets containing human excreta. Speaking to media, Josephine said: “I have been getting repeated threats with extremely obscene language. Twice I have even received human excreta parcelled to me. The last was just before Onam.”

Love jihad and mainstream media’s lie

During the UPA rule at the Centre (2009-14), the Union of Catholic Asian News reported that the Catholic Church was concerned about this phenomenon. The Vigilance Council of the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council raised an alert for the Catholic community against the practice whereas Muslim organisations in Kerala called it a malicious misinformation campaign.

In July 2010, the “Love Jihad” controversy resurfaced in the press when Kerala Chief Minister VS Achuthanandan referenced the alleged matrimonial conversion of non-Muslim girls as part of an effort to make Kerala a Muslim majority state.

The VHP, Hindu Mahasabha, Sri Rama Sene and several other Hindu organisations picked the issue when a pattern was observed in several north and east Indian states where Muslim youth, masquerading as Hindus, waylaid Hindu girls and then forced them to convert to Islam before nikah (Islamic contractual wedding). There have been many instances where Hindu-turned-Muslim brides were subjected to domestic violence even after they gave in to their lovers-turned-husbands’ demand of conversion.

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