Sunday 23 January 2022
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Love jihad: Rape in dargah, blackmail for marriage, attempts to convert

A master of love jihad strategy, Riyaz kept stalking the victim even after she came to know he was not a Hindu called Pintu and finally, with friends, abducted and raped her

Many incidents of love jihad are suppressed due the conspicuous absence of such reports in the media that shies away from the term even when the phenomenon is obvious in a given incident. One such incident has emerged from Rajsamand in Rajasthan.

Police have arrested Riyaz Chadva, Suleman Mohammad and Anwar alias Anu Mohammad on charges of rape, making pornographic videos, blackmailing them under Sections 366, 506, 323, 376(3) and 120B of IPC, Section 3/6 and 6 of POCSO Act along with 66(E) (B) of IT Act 2000.

In another typical case of love jihad in Village Lassani under Devgarh police station’s jurisdiction, the accused first impersonated as a Hindu, made advances, adopted antics so that the falls for him and, when his deceit unravelled, raped the victim. Then they threatened her of dire consequences like circulating the clips of the video of her rape on social media. Riyaz and his accomplices then pressured the victim to agree to nikah (Islamic contract marriage) and convert to Islam.

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This victim of love jihad was a minor when the perpetrators established physical relations with her, leading the police to register a case under the POCSO Act. According to the complaint the victim, now 19, has lodged, one day a man named Riyaz came to her house and asked for water. Calling himself “Pintu”, the man did not introduce himself as a Muslim.

As a master love jihad operator, the man adopted ways that the was gradually attracted to him. Then he established a physical relationship with her. In a few days, however, the girl came to know the man was actually called Riyaz, a son of an Ayub Mohammed, but was masquerading as a Hindu.

The snapped her ties with him even as Riyaz continued to stalk her, not letting the target of love jihad slip away. On 1 June, when the girl went for some work near the river in the area, Riyaz and his friends kidnapped her, took her to a dargah (mausoleum) and raped the girl. They threatened to make the video clips of the act go viral if she refused to marry Riyaz.

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Riyaz, Suleman and Anwar also beat the victim up ruthlessly and then threatened to destroy the whole family and burn the house. They said they would kill everybody in her family.

The nevertheless cried for help, said the police, which alarmed some boys playing cricket in a ground nearby. They rescued the victim.

The fled from the dargah. When people came to know of the ordeal she had been through, a large number of villagers gathered along a bank of the river and informed the police. The police arrived there, took stock of the situation and arrested the suspects.

Sirf News has been covering incidents of this grim social phenomenon called love jihad for years together.

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