Wednesday 28 October 2020

Love jihad operatives turn Shalini into Fiza, try trafficking her abroad

Love jihad operatives in Uttar Pradesh are trying to traffic Shalini Yadav, who became Fiza Fatima, abroad. The family members of Shalini, who live in Barra in the Kidwai Nagar police station area near Kanpur, allege that the accused is in the process of getting her a visa to escape the law of the country.

Shalini’s brother Vikas said two policemen came to their house on 29 August to get information about Shalini and family.

The cops said they had come visiting for the verification exercise against Shalini-turned-Fiza’s fresh passport application. Shalini wanted to send some members of her original family abroad for studies when she had previously applied for a passport. One of the two policemen who arrived a few days ago was the one who had visited the family back then, the brother said. The process of obtaining a visa on the passport had been initiated, the cop told Shalini’s brother reportedly but did not divulge more.

Vikas alleges that the love jihad operatives want to send his sister out of the country. He said the Muslims had recorded some videos of her sister and they were threatening to share that on social media if she did not bow to their diktat.

Earlier, Vikas had said that Shalini Yadav had left the house with Rs 10 lakh on her. A youth called Faisal had seduced her into the courts, the brother alleged.

Vikas alleged there was a love jihad gang behind the woes of his sister and their family. Concerned about his sister, the brother said a love jihad gang had been targeting Hindu girls in the area converting and trafficking them.

Vikas said that the Delhi High Court granted relief to the accused who had made false submissions in the court. “This is contempt of court,” he said.

The brother said he would bring up the matter before the Delhi High Court anew and plead his case with facts. He alleged that the police in Kidwai Nagar were in cahoots with the love jihad gang.

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