Tuesday 25 January 2022
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Love jihad: Must we be worried?

Northern India is full of dreadful stories of men of a community cheating women of another for marriage and then subjecting the latter to a life in hell, or is this an alarmist commentary? What are the implications of love jihad?

Sirf News and Satyanveshi Bharat co-organised this debate in the backdrop of the death of the 35-year-old victim of love jihad, who had set herself on fire on the Vidhan Sabha Marg in ’s Hazratganj area two days ago. Uttar Pradesh Police, informing the press about the mishap, arrested the state president of the UP Congress’s Dalit cell, Alok Prasad Pasi. The cops suspect that he incited the woman to take the extreme step.

Meanwhile, the husband of the woman is still at large, working reportedly in the Middle East.

The debate comes close on the heels of an insensitive advertisement made by jewellery brand Tanishq that promotes the idea of love jihad wherein the partners in a married couple comprise a Hindu woman and a man. Contrary to the horrific incidents of and violence that pours in, the commercial painted a rosy picture of such matches.

But is this only about wrong match-making? Are there not implications for the nation that India is? The acceptability of such match-making threatens to influence a hell lot of impressionable, gullible minds. What is the kind of India is looking at if, by means of love jihad, the demography acquires a pro- tilt? What is the kind of such countries have got that embraced Islam?

The participants in the debate who answered these disturbing questions were Co-Founder of Pragyata and Upword Ashish Dhar, columnist Gautam Mukherjee and activist Taposh Pal. Founder of Satyanveshi Bharat Kumar Shri Kant and Editor-in-Chief of Sirf News anchored the debate held in both English and Hindi, and also participated in the exchange of views.


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