Friday 27 November 2020
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‘Love Jihad’ list: Couple files police complaint

One of the comments below the post had said, 'Please note that 90% of the list of Love Jihad victims are from West Bengal'

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Crime 'Love Jihad' list: Couple files police complaint

A couple that was listed on social media as an example of a “love jihad” case, has lodged a complaint with the cyber cell of Kolkata Police after allegedly receiving death threats.

The list, posted by Hindutva Varta on Facebook in January, went viral on Twitter and other social media platforms too. It was deleted later.

“Yeh ek suchi hai un hindu ladkiyonke Facebook profile ki jo love jihad ka shikar ho chuki hain yah ho rahi hain har….sher se aagrah hai, inme jo ladke hain, unki khoj ke shikaar karein (This is a list of Facebook profiles of Hindu women who are victims of love jihad We call upon all…

tigers to find out the men listed in these profiles,” the post read.

The fringe group also gave links to profiles of inter-faith couples from across the country in its post and asked Hindu girls to be “wary of men” from other religions.

One of the comments below the post had said, “Please note that 90% of the list of Love Jihad victims are from West Bengal.”

“Love Jihad, also called Romeo Jihad, is an alleged activity under which young…boys and men are involved,” another comment had stated.

A similar status message, seeking the return of girls to their own faiths, was also posted on ‘Milan Mela’ community’s page on Facebook.

“….sakal meyeder nija dharme phiriye anun” (bring all the girls back to their own religions),” it had said

The post in Bengali also shared the Hindu Varta list.

Joint commissioner of police (crime) Praveen Tripathi said the complaint was lodged by the city couple two days ago.

“We are investigating the case. A possible source involved in the matter has been identified,” he added.


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