Tuesday 19 January 2021
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Love jihad established in 11 cases of Muslim-Hindu marriages in Kanpur

The UP Home Department, sending the SIT report and recommendation to the Department of Law, said a law against love Jihad would be enacted

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Politics India Love jihad established in 11 cases of Muslim-Hindu marriages in Kanpur

The Special Investigation Team (SIT) formed to probe incidents of love jihad in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur has submitted its report. It has found the love jihad angle in 11 out of 14 incidents. The SIT has not yet found an organised gang or foreign funding for the dubious activity wherein Muslim men entrap women of other faiths, Hindus in particular, reveal their Islamic identity later and force the women to convert, failing which the women are tortured and even murdered.

In 11 reported cases, the SIT found enticement or coercion on part of Muslim men. In three of these instances, the men had used fake names or identities to conceal their faith. All 11 accused have been sent to jail.

The report submitted that four of such Muslim boys were found to be in touch with each other. However, the SIT found no evidence of larger conspiracy in terms of foreign funding or organised gang.

In the other three cases, major Hindu girls conceded converting or marrying boys from other faith on free will.

After Madhya Pradesh and Haryana, Uttar Pradesh is mulling over bringing a law against love jihad and the state Home Department approached the Union Law Ministry with the proposal to bring such a law. “A strict law against Love Jihad will soon be brought in the state. Home Department has sent a proposal to the Department of Law,” news agency quoted UP Home Department as saying.

Arguing that thousands of families are getting impacted by love jihad, the ruling BJP sharpened its attack on the Opposition saying their allegations like anti-love jihad law is a ploy to disrupt communal harmony are wrong.

National General Secretary of the BJP Kailash Vijayvargiya on 22 November said that that law was targeted at inter-religion marriages with the intention or conspiracy to convert religion. 

“We need to understand the definition of it (love jihad). The law is being made against the conspiracy behind the inter-religion marriages. Love is Sanatan and effortless; it does not see religion or a caste. But if someone loves and marries another person with a plan or intention to convert their religion, this law is from them,” he said at a press conference.

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