Sunday 29 November 2020
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Love jihad claims a daughter, another imperilled

In a typical case of love jihad that has unfolded in Sangam Vihar of Delhi, a girl from a Hindu family is waylaid while her sister is molested and threatened of worse consequences if they pursue the case

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Crime Love jihad claims a daughter, another imperilled

New Delhi: The roots of love jihad are fast-growing deep in the narrow lanes of Sangam Vihar in the southern part of the capital city. After losing the elder daughter, a family here has now approached the police to save the younger one. A young Muslim man and some of his companions who had drawn the elder daughter into their trap are now targeting the victim’s younger daughter, reports Dainik Jagran. Sensing the intent of the accused, the victim and her family protested. The Muslim men retaliated by molesting the younger girl.

No action on the main accused in love jihad case

When the victim lodged a complaint at the Sangam Vihar police station, the youths were arrested. However, no action was taken against the main accused. The victim’s father said that in this locality, there had been three more cases of love jihad.

Intimidated by the heavy influence of the Islamic community in the neighbourhood, however, all the three families kept silent about the crime of sexual assault on women.

How love jihad works, Chapter 1: Introduction via mutual acquaintance

Originally hailing from Bihar, the victims live in Sangam Vihar, a neighbourhood of shanties and ramshackle buildings, with the Hamdard School overlooking the area. They have two daughters. The 22-year-old elder daughter, a BA from IGNOU, used to work in a garment showroom in Govindpuri area. She said that in April, a young Muslim woman of the locality told her that she wanted to learn the same work and was willing to work without pay. For the convenience of narration, let’s name the Hindu woman Asha and her Muslim friend Saira (not their real names). The younger girl in the Hindu family will be referred to as Puja hereafter.

Sabir, the main accused, is, however, his real name.

Love jihad, Chapter 2: Saira introduces Asha to Islam

Asha talked to her boss and got Saira placed at the showroom. On the second day, Saira gave Asha three tābīz (amulets) to wear. Thereafter, Saira started speaking a lot about how great her religion was.

After three or four more days, Saira introduced Asha to her neighbour, Sabir, who happened to be a cousin of Saira. After this, Saira would often take Asha along while visiting the house of Sabir. They would stay at Sabir’s house almost the whole day.

On knowing this, when Asha’s parents contacted the owner of the showroom, it was found that both of the girls had left the job several days ago.

Love jihad, Chapter 3: Bruises on Asha’s body

Asha’s father said that on 13, 14 and 15 April, his daughter stayed at the house of Sabir all night. During this time, she kept her phone switched off.

In the night of 16 April, when Asha came home, there were scratches and bruises on her throat, shoulders and hands. When asked, she said that she had fallen from a rickshaw. Then, she did not return after leaving home on the morning of 17 April. Her mobile was once again found switched off. After calling several acquaintances, the father could talk to his daughter and the accused. During the conversation, Asha said she had got married to Sabir.

‘No action because both are adults,’ say police

When the parents complained to the police, the cops called them to the police station where they recorded the statements of the Hindu family. Since individuals in the pair are adults, the police took no further action.

Persuasion via phone calls

The police have received a call recording of conversations between Sabir, Saira and their mutual friends. In it, Sabir is telling his friend that the police have called Asha and him to the Sangam Vihar police station to record their statement. But, he is heard saying on the phone, he had persuaded Asha to tell the police that she had come to him on her own volition.

Sabir won’t let Asha meet her parents

Sabir tells the friend over the phone that he would not allow the girl to meet her parents even at the police station because she might turn around after speaking to them. This conversation indicates that the two have not got married.

Sabir is heard uttering obscenities and derogatory things about Asha to his friend. He asks the friend to keep Asha’s family on watch.

In another call, Saira is heard pleading with Asha to telk the police, if she has to, that the latter had gone to Sabir without anybody coercing her to do so. Sabir interjects at this point and tells Saira it was she who had instigated Asha to elope with him.

Younger sister threatened of acid attack

In the complaint given to the police, the victim’s father said that for 40-50 days, five or six young Muslim men, including Sabir himself, Zahid and Firoz, were loitering around their house. The accused and his friends come out of the house and threaten to throw acid at Puja. Their language is abusive. They molested her once and are threatening to kidnap her.

In this case, registered on 6 May, the police filed an FIR and arrested two youths, but later they both got bail. Since then, Sabir has been threatening his family continuously.

Joint CP will investigate the matter

The victim sent a mail to Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Delhi Police Commissioner Amulya Patnaik on 10 September, requesting action. On 18 September, a reply to the mail has come from the Police Commissioner’s Office, stating that their complaint has been sent to the Joint Commissioner of Police in the southern zone, asking for further investigation.

To refer to 14 previous cases of love jihad, including the attitude of the judiciary in such matters, reported by Sirf News, click here.

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