Wednesday 7 December 2022
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CrimeLove jihad cases to be handled exclusively by additional SPs in Bareilly,...

Love jihad cases to be handled exclusively by additional SPs in Bareilly, UP

In Uttar Pradesh, Bareilly zone Additional Director-General (ADG) of Police Rajkumar Upadhyay has launched an initiative of making the additional superintendent of police of a police district responsible for handling all love cases. While "love jihad" cannot make it to the government lexicon for its sheer political incorrectness, the cases have been technically classified as those of "interfaith" courtships and marriages. All additional SPs have been given their new brief.

Police sources say this division of work will lead to expedited closure of cases of love as well as cases where the partners are consenting adults but their relations have raised a dispute over the relationship.

Since the new division of police work, 22 FIRs complaining of interfaith marriages, courtship or elopement have been registered till 13 September. They comprise 10 cases from the Bareilly range and the rest from the Moradabad range. 

Data from the zone show that four cases each in Bareilly and Badayun, one each in Pilibhit and Shahjahanpur, three in Moradabad, two each in Bijnor and Amroha, four in Sambhal and one in have been lodged.

Police sources said that the 10 cases from Bareilly have already been solved and closed whereas two of the cases from Moradabad have reached closure. "The idea is to not let a case vitiate the social atmosphere or any miscreant take undue advantage of the situation while all evidence and witnesses related to a given case and procured without hassles," a highly ranked source told Sirf News.

All additional SPs in the Bareilly zone have been given their new brief, said the source, adding that the authority has urged the officers to handle the cases on a priority basis and solve them as soon as possible. These additional SPs will all report to the ADG, Bareilly zone.

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