Monday 18 January 2021
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This is the best known dish of Bihar and Jharkhand. Litti looks like bati (Rajasthani bread) but is smaller and different. It is made up of roasted chickpea flour stuffed in dough. Chokha is prepared with different vegetables: mashed potatoes or mashed eggplants and also mashed tomatoes.The three can be combined as well. Chokha is usually mixed with onions and spices. The dish is served in lunch or dinner.

Litti-chokha is a heavy dish. In Bihar, litti is also served with tangy roasted tomato chutney along with chokha. I learned this recipe from my mother in-law. She was born and brought up in Bihar.


(For the litti dough)

1.    Atta (flour): 250 gm

2.    Besan (gram flour): 100gm

3.    Ajwain (carom/bishop’s weed): 5 gm

4.    Salt: According to taste

5.    Water

For the litti filling

1.    Sattu (Roasted gram flour): 250 gm

2.    Garlic clove (finally chopped): 1

3.    Ginger (finally chopped): 50 gm

4.    Green chillies (finally chopped): 5 pieces

5.    Dhaniya (coriander): ½ a bunch

6.    Thyme: ½ tsp

7.    Mango or red chilli pickle: 1tsp or as per your taste

For the Chokha

1.    Brinjal: 1 (whole)

2.    Tomato: 2 (whole)

3.    Potato: 2 pieces (whole)

4.    Amchur powder: ½ tsp

5.    Salt: according to your taste

6.    Mustard oil: 1 tsp

7.    Onion (finally chopped): 1 piece

8.    Green chillies (finally chopped): 2




  1. Mix atta and besan thoroughly. Add ajwain, salt and water.Knead into a soft dough and keep aside.
  2. Mix sattu with onion, garlic, lemon juice, dhaniya patta, green chillies salt.
  3. Divide dough into medium size loyias. Put a little sattu mixture inside and make round balls.
  4. Bake these balls /litti in tandoor or oven.


  1. Bake brinjal, tomato and potato. Peel, mash and mix together.
  2. Add green chilli ,onion, salt, amchur powder and mustard oil.
  3. Mix thoroughly to make chokha.

Serve with hot Litti and Desi Ghee.



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Baishali Ghosh
Baishali Ghosh
Food blogger based in Copenhagen, Denmark
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