Wednesday 7 December 2022
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PoliticsIndiaLinga surfaces in Muslim farmer's field, draws massive Hindu crowd

Linga surfaces in Muslim farmer’s field, draws massive Hindu crowd

The news of the Linga stirred the administration, with the police, along with the kanungo, lekhpal, administrative staff, Tiloi SDM and CO, rushing to the spot

A Linga was found last evening in the field of a Muslim farmer in District Amethi of Uttar Pradesh. The news of a Linga surfacing in the field spread like wildfire and Hindus from far and wide headed for the spot in thousands. The villagers began offering to Shiva, replete with the lighting of incense sticks and chanting of mantras of the god.

On Rae Bareli Road in the Jais Kotwali area branching out of a highway in District Amethi near Dalit icon Kashi Ram’s residence, some children were grazing goats on Thursday evening when they caught the sight of a stone that resembled a Linga, with the shape of a snake carved on the stone.

The awestruck children informed villagers nearby about the Linga, after which more people from adjoining hamlets reached the spot. Soon, a crowd of hundreds of people gathered there. The hundreds swelled to thousands.

The field in which the Linga surfaced belongs to a certain Mohsin Khan.

Some villagers informed the local about the surfacing of a Linga in the field. There was a stir in the administrative staff and a large police force, along with the kanungo, lekhpal, administrative staff, Tiloi SDM Falguni Singh and CO Ajay Singh, reached the spot. After checking the surroundings, the officials got the Linga safely lifted and kept it in the nearby temple.

Officials are refraining from commenting on the finding of the Linga. Local resident Lalu Babu told reporters that some children were digging the there when the Linga surfaced, which held the people in thrall.

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