Monday 24 January 2022
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Lawyer of Sushant’s family frustrated at public focus on NCB, slow progress of CBI probe

If the CBI is talking to the media about once a week, the ED has gone completely incommunicado on the case whereas the NCB is speaking or leaking every day as though the case was about contraband and not suspected murder

Vikas Singh, the lawyer representing the family of Sushant Singh Rajput, expressed his frustration at the speed at which the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) was carrying out its investigation of the mysterious death of the Bollywood actor. In a press conference, Singh said, “The family feels that the probe is being taken in a different direction. All attention is being diverted towards the drug case.”

“Today, we are helpless as we don’t know which direction the case is going in. Normally a press briefing is done by CBI. But in this case, until today, has not done a press briefing on what they have found out. This is a very serious issue,” the lawyer alleged at a press conference.

Sirf News had flagged the same concern

Singh reiterated that an AIIMS doctor had told him that Sushant’s death happened by “strangulation” and not by “suicide”. When alerted that Dr Sudhir Gupta of the AIIMS panel had denied his claim, Singh said, “It is for them to take a call and bring it to the public domain. It is only when it is in the public domain that the family will be in a position to take some legal repose. Right now, we are helpless. We don’t know which direction this case is going.”

Early last morning, the lawyer took to his Twitter account to vent his anger about the course of this investigation. “Getting frustrated by the delay in taking a decision to convert abetment to to of SSR,” read his tweet.

Vikas Singh tweets

Expressing his concerns about the findings of the case, the lawyer said, “Till today, there has been no briefing by the on what they have found. It is inconceivable that till date they have found nothing, then the ED case will also fail. They have to take a stand quickly in this matter.”
When asked if he and the family were ‘unhappy’ about the way the was investigating the case, he dismissed it saying, “I will not say I am not happy with the probe, I am not happy about the speed at which this whole case is going. It is the speed or lack of importance that is worrying us.”

Reacting to his tweet, Sushant’s sister Shweta Singh Kirti wrote from her unverified Twitter account, “We have been so patient for so long! How long will it take to find the truth? #SSRDeathCase.”

Sirf News‘ editor-in-chief is peeved too

The started investigating Sushant’s death in August after the Mumbai Police had concluded that the actor died in an apparent suicide. Subsequently, NCB and ED had been roped in to help in the probe. However, no concrete revelation about Sushant’s death has been made yet.

If the is talking to the media about once a week, the ED has gone completely incommunicado on the case whereas the NCB is speaking or leaking every day.

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