Friday 27 January 2023
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PoliticsIndiaLata Mangeshkar congratulates ENT doctor for video on 'corona-warriors'

Lata Mangeshkar congratulates ENT doctor for video on ‘corona-warriors’

Some friends forwarded Dr Kulamarwa's video praising nurses, cops and soldiers via WhatsApp, which landed in the phone of the legendary singer

Dr Gowtham Kulamarwa got a big surprise when he got a call from none other than Bharat Ratna Lata Mangeshkar who congratulated him for the video he had made to salute the medical fraternity, soldiers and policemen for their contribution and sacrifices in the ongoing against the deadly coronavirus pandemic.

An ENT surgeon by profession based at Kasaragod in Kerala, Dr Kulamarwa also has a passion for making videos for social awareness. Collaborating with his batchmate from school Sai Prasad, who happens to be a professional video editor, the doctor recently came out with a 6.27 min video, paying tributes to doctors, health workers and policemen who, while discharging their duties in trying to save the lives of COVID patients, fell victims to the same fatal disease.

Along with them, the doctor included clips of heroic soldiers who laid down their lives on the Line of Actual Control at the hands of enemy soldiers and militants. He took the liberty of inserting in the video melody queen Lata Mangeshkar’s evergreen patriotic song that recalls the heroes of the India-China in 1962, “Ai mere watan ke logon,” as the background score.

The short-duration video is a moving tribute to the frontline warriors fighting the pandemic, visuals of renowned doctors, health workers, cops and martyrs for the cause of healthcare.

This video, initially posted and forwarded among WhatsApp groups of his doctor friends, found its way to the nightingale of Indian celluloid world, Lata Mangeshkar (91). She was curious to know as to who did this splendid job. Thanks to a relative of hers, who also happens to be an ENT surgeon, she could connect to Dr Kulamarwa eventually.

The doyen of Bollywood film music called and congratulated him for the wonderful job. She also appreciated the efforts of doctors in the testing times. She expressed her overall happiness about the way the video had been conceptualised.

the short-duration video was meant for a presentation during the Doctors’ Day celebrations at Kasaragod, organized by the local Indian Medical Association (IMA). Thanks to the COVID contagion, the function was held online. About 40 doctors attended it.

The attendees received the video very well. Some 10 friends of Dr Kulamarwa, themselves ENT doctors, felt it worth forwarding among their WhatsApp groups. This way, it reached every nook and corner of the country and made its way to Lata Mangeshkar.

Dr Kulamarwa is naturally elated at the response the video has evoked along with a pat on the back from the country’s living legend.

But when asked for his sound bite to make a package along with parts of the video, he politely turned the request down. He said, “I am not interested in any personal interview, for it is not required. It (the video) is only a tribute to all the noble souls who lost the battle while struggling to rescue the lives of all others.” However, he quickly added, “I would be happier if the video is projected.”

Interestingly, Dr Kulamarwa has no idea about the number of views the video has garnered as it continues to be forwarded on WhatsApp groups and Facebook but not on YouTube channels.

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