Wednesday 1 February 2023
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PoliticsIndiaLargest widow home inaugurated

Largest widow home inaugurated

Vrindavan: Women and Child Development Minister Maneka Sanjay Gandhi today launched the project of construction of a special home for 1000 widows at Vrindavan, Mathura. The foundation stone for the home was laid by Maneka Sanjay Gandhi in the presence of Women Welfare Minister of Uttar Pradesh Syeda Shadab Fatima. Being set up under the ‘Swadhar Greh Scheme’ of the WCD Ministry, this will be the largest ever home for widows established or funded by the government.

Speaking on the occasion, the minister said that the widows’ home will be constructed fully by October this year. It will be a home with a difference since here widows will be able to learn and get skill development to enable them to use their time productively. The shelter home will give a new life to widows, the Minister hoped.

Addressing the gathering, Women Welfare Minister of Uttar Pradesh Syeda Shadab Fatima said that there were 4,500 widows living in Vrindavan and the current facility under construction will be able to provide shelter for one thousand widows at a time which is a commendable effort.

The shelter home at Vrindavan has a capacity to house 1,000 women and is being constructed on 1.424 ha of land through National Building Construction Corporation at an estimated of 57 crore including the cost of the land. The of the home has been prepared in consultation with HelpAge India and is also ‘old age’ friendly. The home will consist of four floors with the facilities of a ramp, lifts, supply of adequate electricity, and other amenities for meeting the requirement of senior citizens and persons with special challenges. The home, fully funded by the Central Government, is being constructed at Sunrakh Bangar, Pargana Vrindavan, Mathura, Uttar Pradesh.

The ministry under the Swadhar & Short Stay Home caters for the primary needs of shelter, food, clothing, medical treatment and care of the women in distress who are without social and economic support.

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