KS Bhagawan’s book Rama Mandira Yeke Beda infuriates Hindus

KS Bhagawan's Kannada book Rama Mandira Yeke Beda (why Ram temple is not required) claims Lord Rama was not God; the author argues that Rama suffered from human weaknesses


Bengaluru: Hindu organisations on Friday staged a demonstration against academician and author KS Bhagawan, accusing him of depicting Lord Ram in poor light in his book and making derogatory references. 

The Kannada book Rama Mandira Yeke Beda (Why Ram temple is not required) claims Ram was not a God and he suffered from weaknesses just as any other human being.

Bhagawan, who had courted controversy by making certain references to the Bhagavad Gita that are termed as “offensive” by right-wing outfits, has made unflattering observations about Ram’s character in his book.

The author, however, defended his work, saying it was based on Valmiki’s Ramayana.

Pro-Hindu activists staged a demonstration in front of his house Friday and courted arrest.

BJP’s Karnataka unit targeted Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy over his “silence” on the issue and demanded that Bhagawan be arrested immediately. “Will @hd_kumaraswamy govt that arrested Journalist Santosh Thammaiah for speaking against fanatic Tippu also dare to arrest KS Bhagawan for abusing Lord Ram & his cheap statements on Hinduism. Why govt is protecting this offender by providing security instead of arresting?” the party tweeted.

State senior BJP leader and MLA S Suresh Kumar said in a Facebook post that the state government had two choices “either it should jail Bhagawan or send him to mental hospital”. 

Meanwhile, Kannada news channel journalist Ajit Hanamakkanavar received death threat from the operators of a Facebook page “Mangalore Muslims” for allegedly hurting their religious sentiments while debating on the book written by Bhagawan Thursday.

The admin istratorof the Facebook page threatened the journalist to seek apology within two days in a live programme or else he would be killed.

As the book snowballed into a big controversy, police strengthened security around Bhagawan’s house and asked him to avoid going to any place alone.

Hanamakkanavar said he had decided to lodge a police complaint and seek protection.